Tuesday 30 November 2010

Fishing Around the Fundy Shore

A small lighthouse stands above a tiny fishing port that is home to about five boats...

It's low tide.  All the lobster boats are out.  They can't get back into port until the next high tide....

I am fascinated by the old, decaying wooden walls of this tiny harbour...
We come here to walk this rocky beach...

And perhaps find art supplies.
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  1. This so speaks to me of the east coast! You're a lucky, lucky lady to live so close. The tidal pools, surfline and driftwood are an endless source of inspiration. Of course, I'm betting that you might be best to avoid the beach during the nasty weather months.

  2. I can actually say I've seen the Bay of Fundy! We spent two lovely weeks in Nova Scotia quite a few years ago. It was so beautiful. We got up early, early, early one morning to see the tide come back into the bay. You live in a most beautiful, untamed part of the world!

  3. what a wonderful set of photos and a beautiful place, i do so miss living near wild shores. that lighthouse is so picture perfect. thanks for these, kaite

  4. looks like lots of treasures here penny, some of the best art supplies are found on the beach. I am going to the beach next month for a few days and can't wait.


  5. Maybe those walls will inspire a cloth response? Nice to see some east coast photos.


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