Sunday 21 November 2010

Critter Activity

Do you remember my wrapped birch branch that I have wedged in the old apple tree?....

I have to give a talk at our local art society in December; was planning to take the branch along to talk about natural dyeing......

But I will have to talk about distressing fabric. There is not a speck of colour.... the critters have ripped it to shreds...

And remember that fungus growing through the wrapping? It has nearly detached itself from what is left of the wrapping.
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  1. Hope you will post this on the wrapt blog because this cloth activity is really cool. You may not have color but your critters have provided you with fringe and design and to my way of thinking, it's all good...

  2. So I larned a new word, didn't know what critters are...but they must be pretty hungry in your side of the world!

  3. This is amusing... - sorry, it just is - and it´s all good, indeed, too - very good...

  4. Mine haven't even gotten bit for interest :)

  5. I recently tied some fabric to a birch branch and my results were pretty dismal (have since overdyed). At least the critters have distressed it a bit for you.

    Jacky xo

  6. Wonder what sort of critters have been having a good time and even better, wonder what they thought about fabric wrapped around 'their' trees!!

  7. I think your beaver is back and he's chomping mad that you've wrapped up his dinner!!!!! Seriously, I love the distressed effect and think that you could make quite an interesting piece out of it. Of course, you may need to ADD colour, but that's a choice you will need to make. LOL!

  8. despite snowstorm..tears biggle down my cheeks......

  9. Marti; yes this is up on wrapped trees.
    Aracne; I call anything wild a critter! Got that from my grandmother.
    Ger; No need to is funny!
    Arlee; Way too much wildlife in my woods.
    AM; Hadn't thought of the Beaver!
    Yvette: Tears of laughter I hope.

  10. OH, this is PRICELESS! No wonder you weren't feeling **successful** ... those critters sure had a heyday!!


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