Sunday 30 September 2012



poetic stitcher

witty stitcher of dolls

weather knitter

Trees also gather in friendship

 Sandhill Cranes socialize in huge numbers

Some creatures are loners

and some try very hard to become your friend!

Saturday 29 September 2012

The Rhythm of Life

Getting back into the rhythm of early morning walks
Sunrise through the fog
With mighty rocks floating on a watery mirror
A beautiful welcome home

After paddling in the lake
Rusty pups relaxed
And I took some deep breaths
in gratitude

I'm up to date with daily scratchings
You'll be getting two week's worth on Monday
A mighty long post

Thoughts of next year's scratchings
are already filling my mind.
how to approach 2013
My, how time flies

I feel this year has not been a very productive year stitching wise
Need longer days
but I can no longer stitch until midnight!
So many ideas
not enough time!

Go smaller?
Go larger?
Work more efficiently?
Resign from all the groups I belong to?
Time is too short to make pieces for themed shows
Hate themes imposed on me!
Funny that....others thrive on themes.

Mulling over so many things again
Must be that time of year
preparing for a brand new January.

 Never did get back to this piece this year
Oh, well

 Have a nice day

Thursday 27 September 2012

Flowerpot Island

On the way to Flowerpot
a sunken ship's spine reached out of the water

and we cruised over an ancient wreck

that seemed to go on for ever

And these are what give Flowerpot it's name

The erosion of limestone

Flat, flat rocks formed quilts just below the water

And what a magnificent colour that water was.

Since getting back home
Internet access has been sporadic.
Let's hope the problem is solved.
I've been growling and swearing and grumpy!

Monday 24 September 2012

Remembering Morning Walks on Manitoulin

Sunrise on Manitoulin

Do you remember swinging on a rope?

We wished each other a very good morning
and went our separate ways

Snails of every colour reminded me of the sixties

Shelter for wee things that live and fly in the woods.
Morning walks
just one of the many joys of our Manitoulin gathering.
...Afraid I'll be late with my scratchings this week...

Monday 17 September 2012

It's Monday Again!

The week started off with a visit from an eagle
Obviously a sign of a brilliant week ahead.

Then on Tuesday we drove to Margi's
and I stitched a doll with some of her thread.
Then on Wednesday we flew to Toronto and on to Sudbury
where Judy met us
(and you know she loves hands)
and we finally relaxed with a glass of wine.
On Thursday we had the privilege of spending the day
working on Judy's circle project.

Red spiral for Judy
Blue and yellow for Margi
Rusty brown for me
....and oh, the creative energy was flowing...
as we were observed by seagulls!

On Saturday we found fields full of Sandhill Cranes
Quite amazing

 For Sunday I stole some threads
from Judy, Janet and Margi.
Janet knitted 
and the rest of us stitched.
A treasure of a visit.
Lots more to say about it
but right now I'm on the Chi-cheemaun ferry
on my way to visit my boys,

Friday 14 September 2012

Precious Things

Happy Birthday Steven!
This eagle captured in an amethyst
goes everywhere with me
Keeping you close

It lies next to the tiny eagle you used to wear

and the ammonite your brothers discovered.

All kept safely in a lovely pouch.

Have a great day!

Tuesday 11 September 2012

I'm Tripping off to Ontario

For those of you in Ontario
The McMichael Gallery's 
show and sale of contemporary young artists
is coming up in October.
and if you can read this
Mark was the Best in Show for 2011!
More info at

Today I'm off to Margi's and together we'll fly to 
where Janet will join us for a few days
of friendship and stitching and oh, so much catching up.
A lovely retreat with very special friends.

Oh, yes, and then I take the ferry to the Bruce Peninsula 
where Mark and Donna will be waiting.
and then 
my other wonderful son, Brett,
will join us in Collingwood.

Such a special trip

Might not get to a computer
but will be gathering lots of lovely photos and stories.

Monday 10 September 2012

One Scratching Leads to the Next

Just an Ordinary Week really

A week of feathers
and blood tests

A week of days
Days that influence the one that comes next
Days that merge into one another.
I've been packing for a trip.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Not Something I would Want to Wear!

Bit of a disaster....
The T-shirt dye experiment I mean
It looks better in the photo than in actuality.
The true colour is more like army fatigues.
Oh, well.
Perhaps I'll try and take all the colour out!

Early morning moon

The colours of Fall can be amazing

I know more geese!
But just wanted to record these shapes
because I caught them at a different angle!
No more geese....I promise

I'd rather honking geese
than whirring helicopters.
Shouldn't be allowed
during migration season!

Tuesday 4 September 2012

The Same But Oh So Different

We walked up the mountain to the quarry 
and were shocked to see signs of autumn.
Way too soon.

Today I had my camera poised as we entered the quarry
but all there was to photograph was the old rusty piece
of equipment.
I had hoped to snap the hawks we seem to disturb
whenever the camera isn't ready!

In the absence of birds I snapped the Rusty Pups.
Can you see a difference?
People who know them can't tell one from the other.

But they are quite different physically and in personality
I suppose you have to be a pack member to know!

Monday 3 September 2012

Prickly Tales

My basket is filling up with scratched memories

That was the week that was
(wasn't that a TV program way back?)

We walked Mavillette Beach in thick, thick fog.
Brother and one RP vanished from sight for quite a while

Then brother flew away across the ocean
just like the waves of honking geese that fly over every morning nowadays.
Next came a day of rest
followed by an interesting discovery on our early morning walk
two porcupines snoozing.

Mother just stuck her head in messy grass
and left her back exposed.
Most of us try to keep our back protected
but of course they have no need!

and alongside her junior tried to do the same.
Strange...I thought they climbed trees to snooze.
Had to keep RP's tightly reined in...
I couldn't remember how far those quills travel.

Saturday ...a strange day...sometimes they're like that...
and red scratchings on Sunday.