Thursday 30 June 2016

The Flora of Brier Island

At the Westport Cove lighthouse
much to our delight we found a rusty gate.
It had shed much rust
which we gathered in paper bags.

The sea had left behind
a long tree of stitching inspiration.

As usual the rock forms drew my eye.

Beach pea was everywhere.

and the sun shone on huge areas
of cinnamon fern.

We couldn't identify these little waxy red leaves
but don't they show great promise for
natural dyeing!
We didn't pick anything
Most of Brier Island belongs to the Nature Conservancy.

Wild lily of the valley

The amazing pitcher plant.
Wish I had better pictures of it's underside
and the pitcher leaves.

Such a glorious day finding wild plants in bloom
all over the cliffs
and of course the pitcher plant
was in the bog inland from the cliffs.

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Exploring Brier Island

Diane and I decided to take a trip down to Brier Island
As it happens we picked the very first warm
windless day. 
We drove down the Digby Neck
and caught the Petit Passage ferry to Long Island.

We drove the length of Long Island 
and caught a second ferry to Westport
the small village on Brier Island.

First we went to Peter Island Whitehouse

The water was mirror-like
except where it turned the corner on this little headland.
The currents in these narrow passages between the islands can be
treacherous but we watched cormorants
ride them with gay abandon.

Seagulls were everywhere
on rocks and seaweed
on cliffs

and even on stunted trees.

If the rocks weren't covered in seagulls
they were alive with cormorants.

Basalt rocks
always so geometric
jutted through seaweed.

 Seaweed also clung to the rocky edges
beneath the water's surface.

Ida ducklings were escorted
around the rocks by caring adults.

And the rocks
oh, so much inspiration

for future stitchings.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Week Twenty-Six Crumb From the Cutting Room Floor

One more week
Lying on the backs of previous weeks.

Stitching Kantha brings so much pleasure.
Fingers wrapped around needle
Thread held by the eye of the needle.
Thimble on middle finger.
Feeling the layers coming together in gentle ripples.

Bright, bright colours of Summer
it has finally arrived.

Little row of shimmering pink cross forms.

 The side we hide
Supposedly the side full of secrets!

Wednesday 22 June 2016

....And On To Week Twenty Five

there are cross forms even in nature.
My playmate Diane and I
spent the most glorious sunny day on Brier Island
this tiny island mostly owned by the Nature Conservancy.

This week's crumb is of course inspired by that rocky find.

A memory of a wonderful day.
Perhaps these Crumbs from the Cutting Room Floor
are turning into more of a journal after all.

Meanwhile in the garden the peonies
are starting to open and look glorious
in sunshine....

....and shade.

Monday 20 June 2016

Week Twenty Four - In Honour of a Budding Artist

Hanging around with Rhodo

Trying, not so successfully,
to replicate....

....the carefree marks of a twenty month old.

Ashley's were the marks of an artist
Starting heavy and moving into light and delicate.
My needle and thread attempt is a poor imitation of the real thing.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Water play With the Munchkin

The love of
Filling things up
emptying them out
oh, such fun.

The love of being in Dada's arms on the beach

and learning how to throw pebbles into Georgian Bay.

and then chasing those pesky seagulls.

Who doesn't love being pushed by their Dada on the swings?

This little munchkin certainly loves it.

And what could be better than standing in a mighty big pipe
and making echoes resound around you.
So much fun....
Until the next time little one.

Friday 10 June 2016

Early Morning on the Dyke

This little shoreline bird perched on an ancient wooden piling
made sure every critter around knew we were coming.

Even the fox was waiting for us.
This year it is a different fox
who has what I call a paintbrush tail 'cos it looks as if 
he dipped it in white paint.
Not that you can see that here.

Yesterday an eagle was sitting on that wooden piling
today I spotted him soaring overhead.

Today was a foggy beginning enjoyed by the grasses that grow so fast.

Wednesday 8 June 2016

A Gathering from Far and Wide

Friday was a gathering to feed the soul of
those who explore the medium of cloth and stitch.

We all gather in the beautiful old barn
Thank you Brenda for allowing us to invade your space every now and then.

Working in a rural province means some of us work in isolation
and it feels so good to get together every now and then
to share our work and process.
Thank you Laurie, Alex, Polly, Celeste, Ute, Jamie, Kate, Lynda,
Margie, Kathryn, Barb, Laureen, Val, Barb, Cathy and Linett
for an inspiring day.
Not all my photos came out well enough to publish so some of you are missing.
I hope to goodness I didn't forget anyone's name though!
I tend to do that nowadays.

Monday 6 June 2016

Looking Backwards for an Ancient Crumb Then Forward for SOFAAR

It was a week of going back in time as far as the Crumbs are concerned.

Back to the shadowy days of the Viking
and runic writings.
I was just going to copy the Futhark alphabet
but every stone carved seems to be in memory of a fighting warrior.
I objected to that!
and so the first three lines read
"I am woman hear me roar".

I also decided to test a marino wool
which turned out to be nice to stitch with but not
suitable for my small crumbs.
Just a bit too heavy looking
but it will be fine on a large piece of coarse linen that I plan to use it on.

The week wasn't all looking backwards
Some of us spent Friday evening and Saturday morning
at the launch of a new organization
the Society of Fibre Artists of the Annapolis Valley.
We managed to put on an
excellent show of members' work in a variety of disciplines.
Looking forward to what the future will bring for SOFAAR.