Tuesday 9 March 2021

The Edges of Things


The snowdrops hug the warm edges of the house.
They worried me when they broke ground way back in December
It seems they still survived.

The Rusty Pups don't think of edges
just sizes.....

Their sticks are getting bigger!

There are melted edges of ice on the stream today.

I am on the edge of finishing these two.
'Walking with Dogs'
Each one 53"h x 12"w

Frayed edges.

Rusty Edges 
Rocky edges.

Leafy edges and rocky edges

We see the Sun and the Moon
We walk at the break of dawn.
The Sun in our faces
The Moon at our backs.

 I am on the edge of starting a new piece.
Leaning towards a yellow piece this time.
Hoping perhaps for more sunshine

It seems we could be on the edge of defeating this Covid invasion.
Let us hope so.

Sunday 7 March 2021

It's That Time of Year....

When the Stream can look like this one day.... 

....and like this the next.

When Rusty Pups can sniff at grass one day....

....and walk on frozen ponds the next.

A time of year when....

....my colours really reflect with the world outside.

Two new pieces nearly completed.
Lots of work being done in this second year of Covid.

Wishing you a passion for some creative outlet in these difficult years.