Monday 21 March 2022

Tending Winter's Garden

Summer's Dance

I thought that using brighter colours
would help me through the winter months that I find so difficult
and, boy oh boy, last summer was glorious.
I wanted to record and celebrate that too
and forget the winter winds outside.

But then I read Rainer Maria Rilke's thoughts on winter
A time to care for one's inner garden
A time to mend
A time of growth for mind and spirit. 

A time of looking deeply inwards 

For so many Winters
I have said I should do a winter piece.
When the word 'should' comes out of my mouth
I now recognize it's never gonna happen!

So in this deep mid-winter stitching of the joyful dance of summer's dahlias
I hope I am learning to accept winter's edge
as a quietness
a retreat into deepening knowledge.

Now that this piece is finished
it fills me with joy and rich memories.

Winter's edge was harsh this year
So much so that the Rusty Pups could sniff the upturned top
of quite a few sixty foot spruce

At the other end I found inspiration in it's, oh so shallow, root ball.

There were many days when it was best to stay inside!
Even the RP's thought so.

In May the dahlia corms will go back into the ground
In August their blooms will be dancing and bobbing in summer breezes.