Wednesday 27 August 2014

Shoreline Images

Scallop Boat in dry dock

Rusted and worn
Can you explain the fascination?

Scallop nets
They roll along the ocean's floor
Disturbing and probably destroying.

A cool moon

and a warm sun.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

This Past Week

Catching up with work commitments.

 On Monday our guests left to explore other parts of Nova Scotia.
Then came a day of machine stitching
followed by a day of knitting.
After knitting all day I decided to record the day
by knitting on toothpicks....not as easy as I thought!

There followed two days of hand stitching 
a leafy and spiraly piece.

I expect you recognize that sewer's tool.
I had to spend a day unstitching all the work done on Monday!

Monday 25 August 2014

Two Weeks Back

A week of visitors

The biggest moon
brought the highest and lowest tides.

On Tuesday the Artist's Way Collaborative
got together to work out how to hang our show
next November at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth.
I am stressed out at all the work I have to do for this show!

On Wednesday Dee and Karen arrived from Washington.

We visited Habitation where the French first landed

And Fort Anne where the Scots and English built their star shaped fort.
Oh, and of course we visited the Historic Gardens.

Sorry I'm late
we were too busy enjoying our guests.

Thursday 21 August 2014

Layers of Colour in the Historic Gardens

Loved the danglies.

The Victorian garden flower beds were a riot of colour.

Layers of green

Layers of texture

How I would love my garden to be a riot of colours like this

Trouble is it would take hundreds of hours away from stitching!

Have a nice day.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

On a Misty Moisty Morning

A purple haze covers the marshlands
on one side of the dyke.

And a brown haze of grasses heavy with seeds
on the Basin side.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

A Gathering of Geese

 Familiar profiles were spied down the Basin.
Surely it's not that time already.

They were mulling around at water's edge.
The Rusty Pups barked
but surprisingly obeyed my 'stay' command.

Geese are pretty good at protecting themselves
especially with babies around.

When we came too close they retreated in formation.

But mostly they just glided above rippling reflections.

Wonder where they came from
Wonder where they are going.

Monday 11 August 2014

Busy Scratchings

So much going on
So many deadlines to meet
Summer is flying by practically unnoticed.

Spied this year's first gathering of geese on the basin
They are already thinking of going South.
Where has the summer gone?

Such a nice young woman has contacted us
it seems Steven left a time capsule in our Beaconsfield home in 1980!
Photos and drawings
cap-gun and pencil
Lake Placid pin and golf ball
empty smarties box and cards from the movie Grease
and so much more.
Brett reckons Steven was hiding these treasures from him!
This lovely story is still developing.
I'm sure there will be more.

We thought the merlin had decided not to move in with us this Spring
but they must have nested further back in the woods
because they are now using our garden to educate their young
in the art of swooping on prey.

I've been doing some granny to be knitting.
Today I 'blocked' the tiny pieces.
Let's hope it turns out okay
knitting is not my forte!

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Rocks Glorious Rocks at Peggy's Cove

Can you see the lighthouse?

See if now?

Ah, here she comes

And there she is in all her glory.

We didn't have time to sit around
We came for a quick breakfast
and then on to class.

Where the ocean meets hard rock... a powerful sight
The mighty Atlantic throwing itself on immovable rock.

The waves roll in one after another.

I have always been drawn to rocks
Solid foundation

Monday 4 August 2014

Adventures in Peggy's Cove

Another week of art classes

Three days in Peggy's Cove with Chris
in Brian Atyeo's class
what could be better!

On Thursday I made for home again
and Friday was a day of cleaning house
and getting used to the slight musky smell
of one RP who got a little bit of skunk spray on her!

On Sunday we always go the Josie and Michael's
to watch the Annapolis Royal fireworks display 
across the water.
A great end to a busy week.