Sunday 1 September 2019

Stitching on the Front Porch

Summer's heat is cooling down up here in the North

Early morning walks are cool and misty

 but the days do eventually warm up
and it is a joy to stitch on the front porch

with Rusty Pups basking in the sun

eager to receive visitors.

It is thrilling for me to be given a chance to stitch.
After two months with the pups
they have settled, giving me more stitching time.
Thank you girls!

Couching down layer upon intertwined layer of twigs and branches.
Just the beginnings
of a piece inspired by our Springtime adventures
discouraging the beavers from taking over our garden.
They did leave eventually.
After all, in these parts, they have hundreds of streams and ponds
to choose from!

Deep in thought watching her sister chewing something or other!

Never had a seagull on the chimney before
he must be wondering if any of the Rusty Pup toys
littering the garden
might be delicious edibles!

 They haven't yet worked out how to get into the car unaided
and they are getting heavy.
Hope they learn soon.