Tuesday 29 April 2014

We Walked the Dike for the First Time in Months

It was a cold, windy, moisture laden morning

but the Rusty Pups and I leant against the wind
and managed half the distance we normally do.

Not a critter in sight
Not a bird in the sky

Just a few seagulls 
sheltering in the lea of the dike.

Glad we did it
'cos now it's really raining.

Monday 28 April 2014

Life Scratched

On the go all week

We lost a friend on Monday morning
He loved cooking
on one eventful evening he conjured up
 a delicious Chinese dinner
for a group of us
One set of dishes for meat eaters
and another for vegans.
My heart goes out to his wife
it was so sudden

On Tuesday The Artist's Way Collective
drove down the French Shore to Nadine's home.
We worked on a presentation we have to do this Sunday.
We planned a group project for our show in November.
Then Nadine spoilt us with a lobster luncheon.
Surprisingly we managed to work afterwards
but could easily have napped!

On Wednesday I drove down to Diane's
where we spent the day rifling through her stash of wools.
Choosing colours for a project we have in mind.

Days of stitching
Days of planning
Days of packing

On Sunday the Artist's Way Collective
drove down to The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Yarmouth.
There we gave a presentation to a small but interactive group
about our experience of going through Cameron's book together
and what we have accomplished since.
Rushed home
to say goodbye to Handy Hubby
who flew off to London that evening.

Now I am stressed out at all the work I have committed to!

Monday 21 April 2014

Easter Week

A week very un-Easter-like.

Nature tricked us....The sun came out
and warm winds came from the South.
But then the winds turned becoming viscious
bringing rain and sleet.
Now we're freezing again.

Diane came and hooked whilst I made marks.
Then Easter weekend was upon us.
Happy Easter.

Friday 18 April 2014

Springtime Walk in the Woods

We walked the woods....

The wet woods....

The very wet woods....

We reached a partially frozen lake....

and walked the shore....

Then headed for home again.

Thursday 17 April 2014

Studio Musings

Lengths of cloth
are being discharged
Simple circles....

dots and dashes....


and lines.

I have a series
of three pieces

in mind.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Spring Must Be Here

We have a big pond
madam led her fella
to the huge puddles in the vegetable garden.

He didn`t approve at first
but soon joined her.

Just think that in not too many weeks
about fourteen tiny babes will appear
on the pond

and Mom and Dad will herd them
down the stream to the Annapolis Basin
where they will grow up
and at the first signs of Winter
they will all fly South again.
But let`s not wish our lives away!

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Hanging a Show Takes Planning and Patience

Thank goodness for a Handy Hubby
who sat with me in hospital
and insisted on planning
in detail how to hang my show.

Wooden slats were purchased
and cut to varying lengths.
Double sided carpet tape and tacks
hold the journals into place.

When we got to the gallery
all I had to do was sit
and admire his work.
Thank you Richard
for your practical mind
and for your support
of this ditsy stitcher!

You can see my journals
at the Mym Gallery
in our Community Art Centre
for the next three weeks.

Monday 14 April 2014

It's Been Two Weeks

It's been a long time
but we are here..

spying the first robins
who would have found it difficult finding worms
that were snugly hidden beneath lots of snow.

Then the sun came out thank goodness.

On Tuesday we woke before the crack of dawn
to get me to the surgery in time.
(Not to worry...all is well!)

Then we received the sad news that Handy Hubby's
mother had passed away.
Krystyna was an amazing woman
who survived Warsaw during the war
She will be missed.

On Saturday we hung yards and yards of 
Daily scratchings in our local
Mym gallery.
Well, Handy Hubby did the work
I sat in a chair and supervised!

The black ducks are back at the pond
courting in the vegetable garden
and trying to avoid Rusty Pups.

Quite a couple of weeks.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

I'm Going to be a Grandma!

Since way back in January
I've been bursting with excitement
but couldn't share the news.

It was on January 22nd
when Mark and Donna phoned
to tell us a babe was on the way.
I couldn't tell you then but had to record the day.
Do you see one tiny blue daisy stitch and one tiny pink one?

It was last week on March 25th
Mark and Donna heard the baby's heartbeat
now I can finally let you know.

Some of you know that I have been longing for this
but most of all I am
so thrilled for my son and his lovely Donna
as they embark on this miraculous journey
into parenthood.

Some of you will also understand our amazement
that the due date
is September 14th
the birth day of our precious son, Steven.

Handy Hubby is now known as Grandpa in training
and of course I am
Grandma in training.