Wednesday 27 January 2016

Feeling Good in the Studio

Also been discharging again

Dots and stripes

I plan to fit a thin strip where these two fabrics will join.

Just so that the viewer gets a peek of something in there.

I feel this one is too dark.

I Like the dots
they make me think of all the pebbles and rocks
that my woods seem to manage to survive on.
Or perhaps the rocky Fundy shore.
Think I will sew it into place
and go from there.
It is quite a large piece for me.

Lots of pieces to get started on
Lots of work to keep me busy
The ideas come easily
Bringing them to life takes time and patience.

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Feeling Good and Grateful To Be Stitching Again

Feels good to have this piece back in my lap

Slow stitch

Rhythmic stitch

I am attempting to create a lighter full moon
which will hopefully show up more
once it is completely surrounded with the darker stitches.
A moon reflected in the flowing waters of the Annapolis Basin.

Monday 25 January 2016

A Crumb for Monday

Finally put the computer and sewing machine aside
and was able to get back to hand stitching.

Filling in small bits and pieces 
with whatever came to mind.
You can see that I first couched with a grey thread
but wasn't happy with that
way too calm and predictable.
I like the little sharp specks of black
Perhaps like a kitten testing it's claws.

Just a few stitches in the background.

Playtime with scraps
Stitching as the mood grabs me
Hopefully will loosen up as the Crumbs pile up!

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Winter Has Set In

After our third storm of the week
Rusty Pup Kayla....

....and Rusty up Shandy and me
decided to take a walk

This was all we could find of the stream.
No more islands to be found
just slithers of clear water every now and then.

We found baby Christmas trees awaiting their turn to
be decorated at Christmas.

We found snow covered rocks protecting the pond.

We found grassy remnants of warmer weather

and we found the scratchy remnants of Black Eyed Susans
breaking through a pristine covering of snow.

My goodness me, January seems to have turned out to be
a month of left brain work.
A month of computer work
A month of accuracy at the sewing machine.
Not my comfort zone.
But hopefully I can get back to stitching now.

Tuesday 12 January 2016

Islands In The Stream

Funny how the ice gathers....

....around rocks in the stream....

....joining some together.

Eventually the ice will meet and completely cover the stream.

After that walk I went searching through
my scraps for islands I might have created.
This was the very first piece of batik I ever attempted
many years ago at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Years after that my very first Indigo dye vat produced these.

More recently these little discharge islands were formed.

Monday 11 January 2016

Criss Cross Crumbs

I have been taking crumbs from the cutting room floor
and assembling them into wee collages
just so that they are available to play with
whenever a threaded needle 
might want to play.

very much the same as Daily Scratchings
but different!

Just as an aside
Some of you might recall "Rusty Gate"
It has been accepted into
SAQA's My Corner of the World show
that will tour Canada for the next couple of years
opening on May 21st in Stratford, Ontario.

It will be a show worth seeing
full of work by lots of great Canadian textile artists.