Sunday 5 May 2019

When Beavers Move In

At dusk one fine evening
we spied three beavers grazing in our garden
(I didn't know they ate grass).
I thought it was parents evicting a three year old
from the network of dams further down our stream on the wetlands.

Evidence that they were finding more delicious
twigs to eat soon appeared on the shoreline.

Horror of horrors
the first big thing they chomped at
was my beautiful magnolia.

It tickled me pink that a bit of branch
had fallen next to a Rusty Pup ball
that had been hidden under snow all winter.

I love my poor magnolia

That very day Handy Hubby set about trying to protect it.

I found three branches from my magnolia in their first dam.
It is amazing
not even a trickle of water was escaping the pond.

We dearly wish we had the right property
to allow them to flood the place.
It would be fascinating to observe them
at such close quarters.
Because they come from an established family down the stream
we would rather discourage them
than have them captured and taken heaven knows where.
So we now have a daily routine of dismantling
whatever they have built overnight.
We have found two dams so far.
They really live up to the reputation of being hard workers.

We have counted as many as five in our little pond
since their arrival last week.
Very early one morning
I watched them working away on the dam
and finally two of the biggest ones
walked over the dam and down the stream. 
(Not enough water in the stream to swim down!)
I reckon they must have been the parents
who just come back up to help
redo all the work us terrible humans have destroyed in daylight.

I am taking the opportunity to collect beaver sticks.

More beaver sculptures are appearing every morning.

Geese and mallards and black ducks
visit the pond in pairs during the day whilst beavers sleep.
But when a lone heron arrived at dusk one evening
there was a big hullaballoo of splashing water
It didn't take the beaver one to scare him away.

 The deer aren't bothered
they are so relaxed with no Rusty Pups around
that they now rest among the trees
though keeping a close eye on our activities.

Meanwhile Spring has arrived inside
thanks to some pruning from a kind neighbour.
and needless to say
I have started on a beaver dam stitching.