Saturday 24 December 2011

Hey Ho

No need to dream of a white Christmas here
It's still snowing.

Peace and Goodwill to you all

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Friday 23 December 2011


Snow was falling before the sun woke up.
Happy Toronto Son arrived yesterday and not today!

Before the smell of coffee permeated the house
red berries were under a blanket of snow.

The Rusty Pups love all kinds of weather.
Nothing stops their morning rituals
of mouth to mouth tennis ball exchanges

and following Handy Hubby down to the road and back again.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Will There be Time for Stitching on this the Shortest Day

Yuletide blessings to you all.
It seems strange that Winter has hardly shown his face
and now the days will start getting longer.
But I like it!

In between making lists and checking them twice
and in between shopping expeditions and holiday festivities
there are a few moments each day
for a wee bit of stitching.
As stitches build there is time to ponder
and thoughts often turn to wondering if the stitches are becoming a bit too repetitive,
so a couple of feather stitch rays suddenly appear.
Unfortunately they really don't belong
and so some unpicking will be done
some time soon!

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Circling in the Mind

Family circle
Circle of friends
Circle the wagons
Talking in circles
Come full circle

Fragile laces handed down through generations
look very much at home on gentle natural dyes.

A very small piece that fascinates me.
It looks more woven than crocheted.
I need to understand it's construction.
Perhaps Deanna knows.

One of my treasures is a beautiful piece
with thin bone clasps all ready to dress up the front
of stiff Victorian dresses.

Friday 16 December 2011

Harry the Heron

We have a daily visitor who really should have flown south by now.

He stands around looking just like a knock-kneed professor in shirt tails.

He could be here because of the fish in the pond
but there again he might fancy my rusty guardian of the veggie patch.

He blends in so well that sometimes I don't know he's there
but of course the rusty pups do
and when I let them out
there is a mad barking rush towards the pond
and a graceful flapping of wings
and off he goes.

But he's not really scared because he'll be back in ten minutes!
Love this photo of him and his neck
leaning in the same direction as wintry grey tree trunks.

Thursday 15 December 2011

iPad Primitive

New beginnings
or perhaps new ways of beginning.
Learning to doodle on my iPad.

It's a matter of taking the time
to explore the possibilities and
getting used to a different rhythm
of doing.

I discovered transparency.
Like it.
Could be a useful tool for testing ideas.

Then Handy Hubby told me I could import photos
and so stitching ideas are gathering on top of shibori silk.
Think this app is called Inspire Pro.
Could be very useful....
certainly fun.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Muddy Paws and Sunny Rusted Beginnings

Muddy paws underfoot.

Rusty cotton on the wall.

A strip of rusted cotton pinned alongside my rosy rust
simply looked like it belonged.
Brought to mind the sun shining on silver birch or perhaps copper birch.

When you know what to do you simply have to do it!
Started stitching bark like textures
because I didn't yet know how to handle the sun
but as I stitched....

thoughts of sun symbols and sun discs popped in my head.
Things often sort themselves out or become clearer
as you work on them.

Monday 12 December 2011

Unbundling and some Wall Pinnings

A shibori bundle released from those tightly pulled stitches.

as usual silk velvet soaked up colour
the rough texture of silk noil absorbed yellows and burgundies.

My giant washers created a pair of owl eyes.

A stained crochet heirloom is now a delicious cool brown.

Colours undulating and encircling each other on the silk noil.

At the moment early mornings are spent pinning bits and pieces on the wall.
I aim to get going on a few pieces at once.

It's always a surprise when commercial prints look at home beside natural dyes.

Little bird spent quite some time clinging to the side of my home
a stitched house surely belongs somewhere.
It wasn't night-time perhaps the star doesn't belong. 
I'm also thinking of a border of stitched prehistoric bird symbols.
We shall see
Still playing
allowing the idea to become clearer.

Another piece on the wall.
My favourite at the moment.
Animal tracks perhaps.
Not complicated

Thursday 8 December 2011

Donna's Jewellery

I think I've mentioned Donna's jewellery before.
Today I wanted to share her silver trees with you
simply because I love them

and I love Donna too.
because she loves my son Mark!

They are a creative couple

dedicated to their art and each other.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Brewing dyes and Simmering Thoughts

Colours brewing in dye pots
Wrapping cloth with seaweed, shells, leaves and bark.
Creating colour with what grows locally
connects me and my work closer to this land.
I like that thought
My goal is always to express my reaction to these precious surroundings.

Brewing time allows time to think.
Thinking of this year as it comes to an end.
Thinking of this year's work
and wondering if it expresses what I wanted it to say.

Am I focused enough?
Perhaps setting a narrow focus or design element could
improve my work
make my voice clearer.

I'm working through thoughts like this as I tend my simmering pots!

One thing I know for sure
my favourite part of bundle dyeing
is the bundles themselves
and I plan to create a body of work based on simple bundles.

Monday 5 December 2011

Trying Something New

It's always worth while trying something new
especially on a play-day with friends.

I thought of you, Yvette, as I attempted my first wet felting.
A physical process
that needs a sturdy back and strong wrists. 

After working a second piece,
I decided to try felted balls.
The first one ended up as a separate egg and a saucer shape.
For the second one I paid more attention to stopping the wool from folding over itself
and ended up with a perfect little sphere!

Thursday 1 December 2011

Ready to be Adopted!

All that snow melted outside under a barrage of rain.
Inside a snowbound tree still remains
but not for long.
It is ready to go forth and be adopted
at the Community Arts Centre fundraiser.

Actually today I would be happy to adopt out some rusty pups...
...muddy paw-prints everywhere!

Wednesday 30 November 2011


Sometimes sadness sweeps through the body like a giant wave

and then we try to remember that the sun still shines way up there above the clouds.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Feather Fashions

Boldly striped

and speckled hints of stripes.

Misty greys dipped in marshmallow whites.

 Blacks and whites streaked with blue.

Polka-dots of night and day.

Snow tipped.

A swoosh of black.