Tuesday 27 October 2015

Falling Into October's Scratchings

We relaxed at the beginning of October
after having completed one trip to the Cape Breton Highlands
and we knew what was ahead....Two more trips to Cape Breton.
But also in the distance was the knowing
that a retreat with special friends was coming too.

In the meantime I wanted to preserve some samples.
Samples from my C&G days of playing with stitches.
Those above are raised chain stitch.

Starry reverse appliqué

Blanket stitch with a few French knots thrown in.
Nowadays I use blanket stitch a lot
and not one of my current versions was included
in this 1990's sampler!
Today I try to be looser, freer, less restrained....
perhaps even stitching with gay abandon!

Again from the 1990's curvilinear stitchings.

An interruption of simple running stitch
flowing rhythms

Stem stitch marching across silver cloth
I like stem stitch
I like grey
perhaps not metallic grey

Monday 26 October 2015


Last week was a week with friends
that started with a late, late night
watching Justin Trudeau's Liberals sweep the country.
Once the election results were in
we were able to do what we always do when we get together...
Support each other in our creative lives 
Talk art and artists and all that that entails
For the first time some of us baulked at talking about five year plans...
...and kept it down to one!

But now Margi and Judy and Val
have flown my coop.
But actually Val had to leave mid-week
because she became a grandmother for the first time.
So very thrilling!
Over the years we have been through more than art talk together.

I am so grateful to these women
Every time they come I feel renewed, re-energised, validated
and so much more.
Now I need to sit down and think
think of our talks and plans
then write to wrap my mind around things
to understand and fully absorb
for what they say and observe is important to me.

Everyone should have friends that are passionate about the same things.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Our Little Munchkin

I can hardly believe that the owner of this little hand
is now thirteen months old

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

We drove into the Park

What a beautiful corner of the world.

with rocky outcrops

roads that clung to mountainsides

where the ocean shimmered between mountains that dipped towards the shore.

The mountains were still green on that trip

but we have to go back again

and then the colours will be spectacular

I am told they always are

Way too many photos
I know

but every line of coast
or dip of a mountain

or strip of road
caught between ocean and mountain

could start a line of stitch.

Monday 5 October 2015

Scratching Through to September's End

This morning my wind-shield was not covered in frost....
.....it was ice

The softest cloths I have ever made
Chenille made from muslin and silk

I am weaving plans for next year's scratchings
Hopefully I can make them work

Special Day

Back in the nineties
a piece of triangle experiments

A not so successful sample

It is Jude Hill whom I have to thank
for bringing me back to handwork
and for teaching me to just sit down
and stitch even on the smallest scraps of cloth.

Though I have to say that after hanging the show
me thinks I need to work larger.
Perhaps bringing together smaller pieces
but definitely dyeing larger pieces
if Hurricane Joaquin doesn't ruin things
I hope to leave large bundles of cloth and windfall
in the stream this week.