Monday 18 February 2019


 Really listening 
listening to the voice within and
paying attention to the feelings that bubble up with every stitch
is important to my process.
I like to rest a piece for a while
and observe it
sometimes for days.
I like to double check that it is saying exactly when I want it to say
and that it is reflecting my truth.
For me those questions come way before
any principles and elements of design.

 It might sound strange but it is not always obvious to me
you would think it would be
but sometimes I feel bombarded by outside influences
and it is hard to to hear my own voice.

Whispering Cairns I feel speaks my truth
What I know for sure is 
this piece brings me joy

I feel very close to this piece
you might recall that it didn't really start to sing for me
until I turned it upside down!
As you see it is not always smooth sailing
so interesting to observe the struggles one goes through
and so important celebrate the aha moments!

I have always believed solitude to be a good thing.
For me that is to be in nature
or alone in my studio which looks out at nature.
Some can find their authentic self in a crowd
And that is why one stone in Whispering Cairn is unique.
Filled with a few french knots!

As I stitch on this piece
I wander back through the ages
to those folk to piled stone upon stone
in memory of those who had gone before them.
We are connected.

I will be sorry when it is finished
but today Handy Hubby and myself will
square it up before I start stitching the background.

 Greys are gathering in a basket for new stitchings
I have evolved
There was a time in my life when louder colours prevailed.
Softer gentler colours now speak to me
perhaps it is my age
or that I have grown gentler over the years
(though I try to be fierce!)
or simply because my hair is silver!
I hope I continue to evolve!

May your creative voice be loud and clear today.

Monday 4 February 2019

A February Beginning

Sunday morning I played around with new stones
thinking they were going to be grey
but perhaps because it is the bleak mid-winter
the stones turned a warmer colour.

 This piece is inspired by Mark's paintings of
stones disappearing under water.
He is brilliant at that.
For both of us scenes like this bring up whisperings of
summers spent on beautiful Georgean Bay.
For those of you in Toronto don't forget
The Artist Project at the Better Living Centre
February 21-14, 2019
Mark Berens will be at Booth 506.

Strips of plant dyed fabrics 
soon to become rocks.

By Sunday evening I was happily couching away.
I have based the background onto an old blanket
and it is like stitching butter.
The one thing about this kind of stitching is
it allows for mind wandering
as I stitched these delicious rusts and browns 
my mind whispered memories of
my beautiful Rusty Pups

They are dearly missed

As are their antics and adventures.

And then as I prepared this post
A photo demanded to be noticed
So much like my new stones.
I have a teacher who always says the piece you start next
should always be informed by the last piece you did.

Perhaps this means my next piece will have to be seaweed
in the colours of my Georgean Bay stones.

But I already have soooo many new beginnings just started!
But my mind is flowing with ideas on how to go about a seaweed piece.

It is so easy to have many ideas isn't it
The days just aren't long enough for their execution!

I hope you have a day rich in creative ideas.