Wednesday 27 November 2013

And Then We Walked Mickey Hill

Mickey Hill is gentler than the Fundy Woods

but the same trees grow and die here

and provide habitat for other invading species.

There is always the reward
of a gentle lake at the end of a Mickey Hill hike.
Then my battery ran out!

Tuesday 26 November 2013

We walked the Fundy Shore

I showed them the rugged Fundy Shore

where trees sometimes have difficulty spreading their wings...

and get blown into silvery piles.

Where wounds heal

into gnarled rings.

Where Val found tree surfaces to examine.

and trees watched as Margi passed by.

Where brittle fallen trees block your way.

and streams gurgle towards the shore.

It is a long walk

Judy loved these woods.

Just specks above the waterfall

Across the chasm.

The sun really trying to come through for us.

Rusty Pups always leading the way and waiting for us two legged creatures.

We trailed across rock and mud....

....and spied wasps nests overhead.

Rugged rocks containing Fundy's mighty tides.

A long post for a long walk
but it was our favourite hike.

Monday 25 November 2013

Walking the Dike

Last time Judy, Margi and Val came
they brought the snow
we were housebound.
This time I wanted to share my walks with them.
We walked the dike.....

on a clear sunshiny day

with red berries dotting the landscape

and one lonely bale of hay sat atop the dike.

The sun might have been shining...

...but boy oh boy was it cold!

Thursday 21 November 2013

Yesterday was Arrivals today is Departures

Skimming the treetops at break of dawn
heading towards Europe.
Handy Hubby will be doing the same thing later tonight.

 Meanwhile us four will stay close to home

Sometimes looking over our shoulders

Working out our place in this world

feeling comfortable in our individual skins.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Robins Use Eye Liner Too!

On their way South
the Newfoundland Robins drop by
for a feast of bright red berries

It might be quiet for a day
then a new wave sweeps down onto our bushes

Today I'm expecting a flock of dear friends
We're having one of our inspiring retreats
we will play
we will stitch
we will share
we will sip wine

These few days will lift my creative spirits.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Faltering Under Pressure

Some folk thrive under pressure
claiming they do their best work that way
Not me
Definitely not me
This was my first attempt with a very short deadline
How dismal is that!
I unpicked most of it

And added some textures and colours.
Ran out of time
It will have to do.

I was thinking beech leaves

For me the back is beautiful!

Monday 18 November 2013

Scratching With the Help of Bears

Sometimes a bear can be helpful!

It has been a busy week
with only snippets of time for my scratchings.

Trying out some loosey goosey stitches
for a project I have in mind.

On Saturday we were putting things in order
and on Sunday making lists of jobs still to be done
because I am expecting some lovely guests next week.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Week in Review

Scratching Winter's Arrival

So busy stitching somewhere else not much time for scratching.

That is supposed to be a printing press because
Wednesday was spent at our new print studio
learning about how to use that press.

Flocks of robins have arrived from Newfoundland.
They love all of our bright red berries.

At the end of the week we celebrated Handy Hubby's birthday
as it snowed and rested on the ground for just a few hours.