Monday 31 December 2012

2012 Scratched

A Christmassy Week

Hope your stockings were filled to the brim

and that Christmas day was spent in the warm embrace of family.
For us it was our first Christmas without any of our boys around
but so full of friends
and enjoyable FaceTime!

The pheasants came to feast on our abundant seed banquet
and then the snow started

One of my favourite books is "The History of Writing"
ancient scratchings fascinate me

For today, December 31, 2012,
I took all my scraps of thread and finished them

2012 has been a lovely, lovely year

I had planned on photographing the whole year ourside
but the winds are blowing.

I hope 2012 was good for you too

and here's wishing that 2013 is magnificent

Every year I try and stay awake to welcome in the New Year
Every year I fail miserably!

Monday 24 December 2012

The Week Before Christmas Scratched

Just doodling inspired by the frozen puddles

We live in a gem of a community.
So many talented people.
This evening we listened to the music of the community band
and the dulcet tones of the choir.
(Woops, I see I forgot half their mouths!)

It snowed all day

Out on the basin scooters caught our eye
they were staying in the same spot
..... must be good food about.
Then we spied the eagle above them
He fought strong winds to stay motionless
then dove into the waters near the birds
Three times
What a privilege

Grocery bags bulging
only two of us this Christmas
amazing how much food we buy

A glorious sunshiney day

but on Sunday it snowed all day

A week stretched back

and nearly another six months are done.

I hope your stockings are hanging by the chimney with care
in hopes that St Nicholas soon will be there!

Thursday 20 December 2012

Marked Pages


With pen and ink one can become a doodlebug!

Just getting started on thoughts
for a series I think will be called I am an island

I'm liking the scratchiness of pen and ink

Felt markers seem so heavy
compared to the uneven coveraage
I get with a nib


Looks too much like a leopard skin for my liking.

When your nib drops a blob on a page
it can still be made into something!
Just marking page after page is fun
but I expect it will take many days of making marks
to come up with something meaningful.
We shall see.

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Chilly Puddles and Frozen Computers

Chilly Lines

Icey drawings

Captive threads

See the apples frozen beneath the ice?

Frozen puddle islands
Just to warn you...computers are freezing and misbehaving here
So if I disappear...
my computer has blown up
and I'm off to find a new one!

Monday 17 December 2012

I'm Late, I'm Late ....

A week recorded.
Photographed very late last night
so apologies for the quality. 

Remembering the sight of that heron swooping over the rusty pups.

For Tuesday that is supposed to be Handy Hubby flying
back home over the Atlantic.
The big circle is supposed to be the London Eye
Not too good!
On  Wednesday Judy's 'Heart to Heart' returned in the mail
and she included this lovely stripy thread.

On Thursday this doodle got stranger and stranger
with every stitch!

This morning we wrapped Christmas presents and packaged them into parcels for the boys.
After stitching joyful parcels the airwaves filled with tragedy.
With a heavy heart twenty stars for those little innocents
and six stars for their devoted teachers were added.

Finding comfort in the trees that surround me.

In this creative community
the Christmas musical events have started.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Company for Tea

Making a pot of tea
I glanced up
and saw him right there outside the window

He was there in the pouring rain
Never seen one so close to the house in broad daylight.
He knew every time I moved!

There was a flurry when he flew towards the window
and back onto another branch.
They have quite a wingspan don't they.
I enjoyed his company and forgot about tea!

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Have All the Heron's Gone?

Surprising how some apples still cling on.
We met a man on the dike gathering fallen apples.
He said it was for feeding the deer who visit his place.
What he didn't say is that he probably shoots those deer.
I hope the deer keep away.

Another damaged tree.

Towards the end of our walk the rising sun turned the sky red

and it's rays travelled westward over the basin warming the woods behind my house.
That's not my house by the way
Mine is back in the woods.

Nowadays I walk with my head down against the wind.
At one point on the walk I realized a very large bird was sailing along beside me
about ten feet away.
He travelled past me and then swooped down over the RP's
I thought he was the biggest hawk I'd ever seen
but then realized it was a heron just saying hello to the pups.
The first heron I've seen in weeks.
According to Nature Nova Scotia the herons
are gathering on our southernmost tip and are leaving for the winter.
Funny that last year we had Harry the Heron hang around until February.
Do you think they know something we don't?

Monday 10 December 2012

Scratching Through The Layers of One Week

Sometimes a week takes on a completely different character.

It seems to have been a week about applying layers.

I suppose I am multi layered!

The art of throwing bleach around!

I added a piece of knitting
and wove more threads into it to bring it under control

Friday turned into a doodle day

Finally cut into a favourite old shirt and threw a strip on my scratchings.

Thinking of how Christmas will soon be upon us
I cut baubles out of luscious red velvet.