Monday 18 March 2019

One Thing Leads to Another

When stitching on this piece nowadays
What comes to mind is
Every Stone is an Island unto Itself

I also thought shoreline rocks would "swoosh" between them.
Spent a few days stitching swooshes.
Decided this weekend to undo all those swooshes
Spent two days so far unswooshing
Just going with the flow!

Thinking of adding hints of islands....

....on the distant horizon.
 Just going with the flow.

With on piece coming to it's completion
Need to firm up plans on what to start next
Playing around with colours.
Just going with the flow

I learnt something this winter
In past winters I assumed snow tunnels we discovered
were made by mice.
But no
It is the squirrels.
We watch this little bird food devil
slide down his tree
straight into a tunnel at it's base
and pop out of one of three
tunnel entrances at the base of the bird feeder!

Happy Birthday Mark!

I hope one thing leads to another in your studio today.
And as Peter London says
in "No More Secondhand Art"
"... begin the initial phase with the open-ended statement 
Let's see what happens"

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Resting at Low Tide

Last week I also finished another mighty rock piece
Resting at Low Tide.
It has been waiting for the final finishing touches for ages.
Sometimes that is how the process goes.
But, you know, these works often carry on telling me their story
after completion
and it could potentially want to add to the story!

It is a piece about the rocks resting on the mudflats in these parts
only revealed at low tide.

It is a companion piece to....

....Resting Between Night and Day
so named for my early morning walks with the Rusty Pups.
Sometimes we would walk the dyke
with the sun rising in the East
the moon still hanging around the Western horizon.

It seems my work is really journalling!

May your day in the studio be memory filled.

Monday 4 March 2019


I filled the background with crosses
I do not know
It felt right

Perhaps it was that magnificent Snow Moon
on a cloudless night that led me to thoughts of stars.
Perhaps it was the piece itself
talking to me of generations whose voices have travelled through the ages
to tell us they too were here.

Of course, as usual, before trusting my thoughts
I did try out other background stitches.
It seems I often do that before settling!

Love the ruching too
Will have to explore that more often.

Whispering Cairn is finished
It's story complete
I am sad
but happy to have it close for a while.

Today I love how the sun is really shining
on that snow covered rock.
Looks like a Polar Bear wandering through the stream beyond!

March came in quite gently with a layer of snow
but today the skies are clear
I suppose that means it will go out like a lion

Hope not because
this week we will run out of wood!