Wednesday 29 August 2018

Closing Cloth of Time

Handy Hubb and Nick (from the Craft Council) and I
took down the show on Monday.

I just wanted to take some time to thank all of you who came to see 
Judy's and my work and
even signed our visitors book.
I have only just started reading through the many pages
of visitors
It is going to take me some time!

who wrote
A really nice coming together of two devoted and highly
sensitive artists & makers.
Thank you so much Sandra for dropping by.
I hope our paths cross again.
I learnt a lot from you!

To Judy who wrote
Reminiscent of the Bayeux Tapestry
Daily Scratchings was heavily
influenced by that!

To Linda who wrote
Thank you for slowing my tourist brain down
to the speed of wisdom!
Thank you
wish I had been around when you visited.

To Cathrin who wrote
All I want to do now is make things now!
I hope you do!

To Louise Pentz who wrote
.... documenting thoughtfully time, place and life.
Thank you
I have long been an admirer of your work honouring
the courage and dignity of women
who do not have the basic freedom
of choosing the direction of their own lives.

To Laura from Newmarket, Ontario
...My old stomping ground!
who wrote a lot including
....a way to truly notice and be present
Thank you

To Shelley from Richmond, Texas
who wrote
There is a quiet beauty in every stitch
Thank you

To Steve from North Bay
who wrote
Dedication to art is love
Thank you

and finally a shout out to Mo Cleating
who wrote
I went to Bournemouth Uni!
(University for those of you from outside the UK!)
I miss those early years on Derby Court Road
I try to remain connected by cheering for
Bournemouth FC whenever they are on TV!

Some words that appeared often
Truly delicious

And of course I would like to thank
and it's Director, Susan Charles
who was so supportive of our work.

I have to say that I do not expect anybody to actually read all of this!
I don't usually have so much text in my posts
I wanted to keep some of the words written for myself.
It might help improve my own writing
about my own work!

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Friendship and Fine Dining and A Place to Lay Your Heads!

Friends flew in from Ontario for the last weekend of
Cloth of Time
and touched our hearts
for taking the trouble to do that.

Of course we had to eat
my goodness me
we found the very best restaurant
to celebrate our friendship
and catch up.

If when you find yourself in Halifax, Nova Scotia
do go and eat at this new restaurant
on the corner of Lower Water Street and Bishop.
Owned by
Andrew Al-Khouri
a finalist on 'Masterchef Canada'.

aFrite was his childhood nickname which
if I remember correctly
means winged devil!

Born in Cape Breton,
Andrew is welcoming and gregarious.
He talks about his Syrian influenced menu with passion
and boy oh boy that food is great!
I already know what I want to try next tie we are in Halifax.

if you like old buildings and antiques
you might want to stay at the Waverley Inn
on Barrington Street.
Each room is different and beautifully furnished.

Monday 20 August 2018

If It's August....

....I must be dyeing!

It must be August if the Rusty Pups and I are up and about
morning mists still lazing over the Annapolis Basin.

It must be August if the Beaver has risen by the time we arrive

....and he hangs around for quite a chat until he gets bored
then slaps his tail and disappears.

....and I had to stop RP Kayla from jumping in with him!

 ....and we discover how our clever friend Steve has cleared
a new path in the woods.

It must be August if the tree experts came
and helped Handy Hubby
manage our woods.
They gave me a present of a Robin's nest that
was right under our noses
and we had never noticed!

It must be August because the tree doctor
left a surprise for us in the woods!

Wishing you a few lovely surprises on this mid-August day.

Monday 13 August 2018

Works In Progress

"The trees, the wind, the birds, the mountains,

Everything inside us and around us

Wants to reflect itself in us.

We don't have to go anywhere to obtain the truth.

 We only need to be still,

 and things will reveal themselves in the still water of our heart."

These are the words of
 Thich Nhat Han
from the poem 'Everything'
in his book 'Your True Home'.

I'm spending as much time as possible outside
in the sunshine
beneath the trees.
Summertime here has been glorious this year.

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Family Summertime at the Lake

Fishing from Kayaks and paddle boards

Relaxation on an air-filled yellow ducky

Three girls cooking in the kitchen
with Owen the puppy keeping an eye on all.

Grand baby Ashley couldn't wait to use her
new fishing rod
and paddle off with her dad in the canoe.

And so they disappeared down the lake
hoping to contribute to supper.

 Fishing off the dock turned out to be more successful!

Mommy and Stevie Ray relaxed in the shade.

Mommy and Ashley floated with noodles galore.

The youngsters.....even baby Stevie...scampered
up and down the stairs.
Gramps and I tried to keep going up to a minimum!

Ashley learnt all about paddle boarding.

A joy filled time.
Thank you my loves.
(Not a speck of stitching got done!)