Monday 30 June 2014

Time Stitched

I do believe Summer tried to burst forth by the end of the week
Though I am still wearing a jacket on my early morning walk.

We went to friends for a delicious curry dinner
and good conversation.
That beige pile of stitching is supposed to be poppadoms!

Flowing whites and blues for our foggy beach visit.
Next morning on the dike
Rusty Pups and I spied an eagle fishing for breakfast
then we went home and attacked our garden weeds.
Still more attacking to do!

A day of rain
A day of stitch

A Heron flew right over my head on the dike
I felt if I stood on tippy toes I might touch him.
Later that day lots of us got together for a party
celebrating the life of a friend.

Our morning walk sometimes takes longer
today it was because of dolphins.
Wish I could have seen through the water
for they were obviously being very clever
corralling a school of fish.

Sunday 29 June 2014

Blue Waters

Watery Rhythms
echo through our veins
Watery blues
calm an over-active mind
Sea breezes
clear the cobwebs from our lungs
brings life

Saturday 28 June 2014

Three Little Beauties

Chris made three little bowls
and gave them to moi.

I said I would keep threads in them...

...but they make a nice home for some special objects.

Friday 27 June 2014

Walking Into The Sun and alongside Eagles

the railway line used to run along atop the dike here.
It makes for a nice flat walk!

I spied the marshland was full of white polka dots

spider webs caught in the morning sun.

Wild flowers were stretching up to greet the morning sun.

An eagle perched upon a huge rock
that only reveals itself at low tide...

looking for a fishy breakfast.

Thursday 26 June 2014

First Beach Trip of The Year

We sometimes come in Winter
but not this year.
On a bright and sunny Tuesday
we decided it was time.

It was 25 degrees celsius at home.
About a kilometre from the beach
the fog came in and dropped the temperature to 16c.

At low tide it was quite a walk
to actually get to see the sea.

And we had the beach to ourselves.

Driving home we noticed
that band of fog had crept up St. Mary's Bay

nearly obliterating the Digby Neck.

Monday 23 June 2014

The Longest Day Scratched

A Summer solstice week

 Every leaf on every tree is surely out by now.
Tuesday was not only a rainy day
but a sad one too
for a dear friend back in England passed away.
Sylvia was our very first neighbour back in 1969.
She took us newly-weds under her wing
actually more like adopted us into her lovely family.
We were great friends for forty-seven years
and will miss her so very much.

My garden is a wilderness of gigantic weeds!
Thursday the sun came out and I went to quilt guild.

Scraps from the cutting room floor

We celebrated the Summer Solstice at dinner with friends
followed by a sizzling chat around the bonfire.

Steve gave us some basil plants
which are now planted in a sunny spot.
I was stitching basil after dinner when
our woodsman arrived with next winter's wood.
Quickly added things that could be taken for logs!

Friday 20 June 2014

Peta The Thermofax Queen!

My hostess in Kingston
owns a Thermofax machine
a business making thermofaxes for us textile artists.
You can find her at

I know I will be ordering from Peta

I know best results come from black and white

I'm having a hard time choosing

which ones I would get the most use out of

Probably not a good candidate....
but then again...why not!

I would be looking for repetition 
across a piece of fabric
perhaps discharged
perhaps coloured.
Who knows!
But I will make a decision
and order some.

Thursday 19 June 2014

Stitching Along Pliers in Hand

Been stitching

stitching through Egyptian cotton

Not such a good idea
Why do I never learn?
Every time I use some of my high threadcount
Egyptian cotton
I promise myself I will only ever machine stitch it.
But then machine stitching just isn't the same
as hand stitched marks.
Now I have carpel tunnel problems once again!

Wednesday 18 June 2014

My First Beach Walk This Year

You never know what's going to catch your eye.
Every time it's different.

This walk it was gatherings of pebbles

or perhaps pebbles and footprints

But mostly just pebbles.

A family of five
Handy Hubby with the strip
Moi, I would be the pink one
and then my three boys
from smallest to oldest!

Have a nice day.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

One Sky Now

Rescued donkeys

filled a paddock

Munching contentedly.

In the back field more donkeys
kept this beautiful pony company.
He seemed to think my camera might be edible.

Goats lived amid places for shade
and lots of places to climb.

This little adventurer reminded me of the days
when a simple cardboard box 
kept my boys happy for ages.

Being goats they all love to play
I'm the king of the castle.

Not only animals live here but
organic vegetables thrive
and plants for the garden too.

Monday 16 June 2014

Scratched Tracks

A week that started off quiet
built into a crescendo of activity
and ended up quietly rhythmic again.

Drove to the South Shore
To Chester Basin
where I a group of us gathered to learn about paper
Japanese paper
Then on to One Sky Now
a lovely organic farm
full of rescued animals.

Whilst staying with Chris
we mixed colours
not very scientifically
but we learnt a lot.

Then we joined other humans plus a golden
for a lovely beach-combing walk

Friday meant driving even further from home
to a FAB meeting
where I tried to catch up with some stitching but
couldn't resist Karen demoed fabric weaving.
After leaving all the fabulous ladies
it was time to make tracks back to the valley
and home.
That night I slept 12 hours!
Must be some kind of record.
Now I'm getting back into the rhythm of home.