Tuesday 28 May 2013

Fourteen Days Scratched

Fourteen whole days

Doctor's visit

I spied a humming bird
so quickly brewed up some sweet nectar
and hung the feeders out

Rusty Pup, Rusty Pup, Fox

Cleaning up the studio
some scraps came in handy

Just stitching

Diane and I flying to Ohio and renting a car

The first marks I made in class were something like this.

Tuesday was a stitching day...we were to stitch in white but there were some rebels in the flass!
Then on Wednesday we used tjantings to make lines on black cotton.

We marked fabric in many ways including burning holes.
On Friday we all went to the opening of Quilt National
Three students in our class had pieces there
and Brooke won best in show.
So very exciting.

Saturday we flew back to Nova Scotia arriving after midnight
That was one long day!
Finally on Sunday we made tracks back to our patient husbands.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Fly, Flying Away

Just to let you know...
I'm flying away for a week at Nancy Crow's Barn
---Such a treat!

See you in a week!
Scratchings won't get posted this Monday I fear.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Meeting Place

We've got to stop meeting like this!
Having said that I think this is a different fox.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Oh, Those Darling Buds of May

It's all happening around here

Life is coming back 

to twigs

and branches

that looked so lifeless

just a few days ago.

Monday 13 May 2013

A Week Scratched for Mothers

Stepping back and looking at a week scratched.

Time to get the gardening tools out
and when we're not gardening
 we're listening and watching the antics
of our happy pair of Merlin.

Couching all those strings used for tying up bundles
My favourite for this week.
An important family week this week.

Beautiful tulips arrived from second son Brett...Thank you son!

So I stitched tulips.
And then stitched an ode to Judy!

Happy Mothers Day.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

A Few Birds and One Critter We Crossed Paths with Yesterday

As we sipped our morning coffee
he sat and called his mate
after each call he would puff up his chest.
She called back and swooshed through the trees.
After ages, he dropped out of sight into the stream
and it looked like he flew off with a catch
up to where the female was.
We believe we know where they have built a nest.
Trouble is all our regular bird visitors have disappeared.

The RP's and I spied Harry the Heron down on the dike....

....and a very ordinary seagull but he must have an admirer somewhere!

One Rusty Pup Oblivious to Mr. Fox standing right behind her!

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Spring Clean-up

I sorted and folded all my rusted

and natural dyed cloth

Lovely gentle colours.

Then a surprise
Three leaves printed side by side in the same dye bath
yes three completely different colours.

Are you like me?
I never get to finish a spring clean-up
A colour or a stitch or a scrap
always calls to me
and off I go in search of other bits and pieces that might help give it a voice!

Monday 6 May 2013

Scratching around in Bushes

Hanging amid forsythia blooms

and lazing around on the deck

Sun glorious sun

Blood tests

Diane and I walked through the woods and down the stream
we wrapped rocks with wool, cotton, linen and silk
and left six bundles in the stream.
We'll leave them there for about a week.

Scraps from the cutting room floor!

It's amazing what you find when you decide it's time for a spring clean

More scraps...
but what I should have stitched was the pair of merlin
that have taken over the woods
and scared away all other birds.
Merlin are very vocal when they decide to settle down.

Friday 3 May 2013

May Meanderings


We spied the tiny May flowers on May Day

Diane and I decided to wrap rocks
and leave them in the stream for a week.
You might remember my dismal lack of success at tree wrapping....
I don't hold out much hope for colouring in the stream
but at least it will be tannin soaked.

Rusty Pup Kayla promised to keep an eye on our wrappings!

Signs of Spring are popping up everywhere.

There is a haze of red buds all over the mountain.
Love that colour combination of rusty brown and winter grey.

Buds are plumping up the tips of trees as they reach for the sky.