Sunday 20 October 2019

Walking on Stoney Ground Again

Yes, working with stones again

Stones sitting on stoney ground

We walk gravelly paths every day
the Rusty Pups and I

Young pups just fly over any rocky impediments
I, on the other hand, at my silver-haired age
have to carefully navigate my way over such obstructions!

Working with needle and thread is a commitment in time
It is like bringing up and loving a child
It all takes time but not only time
It takes love and patience

Loving the back as well as the front
Loving the mistakes as well as the perfection!

And so it flows

The colours of nature are sheer perfection
At this time of year here we get final burst of colour
Winter will bring whites and greys and soft blues
and happily Spring will bring us young greens and bright daffodil yellows.

 The Rusty Pups don't care what colour anything is
They just want to smell it....
 and eat it if we let them!

Sunday 13 October 2019

Sleeping Circles

Curling up into circles after a long walk
is a good thing to do

 Fixing a puppy bed circle
They take great delight in ripping out the stuffing
Fixing it was an hour I'll never get back!
Duct tape next time?
I reckon puppies would win over mighty duct tape!

Sometimes we prefer a semi-circle

I've found snippets of time to work on my beaver dam spiral

Working out how to best express the feeling of
water flowing through it.

Before I decide there will be some unpicking I expect
Always part of my process

Blending into autumn's woodland

Sniffing early morning smells

Not a circle
Nor a semi-circle
Just a bend in the road

The Solomon's Seal looking very yellow on a misty misty morning

 Leading the way back home
along an avenue of brambles.

Happy Thanksgiving to too of us in Canada.
We have so much to be grateful for

One generous person unknown to me
has been mowing the top of the dyke all summer long
Thank you for that.
It has made walking so much easier!

Thursday 3 October 2019

Brown Glorious Brown

Handy Hubby and I were photographing finished works
on the weekend.
As I hung this piece about woodpeckers and berries in our woods
I decided it wasn't finished!
So more stitching to be done.

I am noticing the deep rusty browns this year

and, if I show the slightest interest in something
the Rusty Pups have to come and investigate!

The marshlands are deep rusty brown in morning light

The RP's and I walked the dyke as a bright sun rose to the East.

They were happily trotting along when all of a sudden
they noticed our shadows walking alongside us.
This was a shock to my five month old pups.
They didn't like that at all at all.
To start off with they just wouldn't let me take another step!

Wednesday 2 October 2019

re:FASHION.... a Connection Fibre Artists Show

Those of you living in Ontario
should go to The Wellington County Museum and Archives
in Fergus
to see the Connections Fibre Artists Show

Each artist in our group
chose a fashion item from the museum's collection

and used their choice as inspiration
for their piece.

The museum staff have now created a wonderful show

of our works alongside their inspiration.

It's a beautiful museum gallery

It's a beautiful show.
Well worth a drive to Fergus!

My readers might recall me working on
'She Loved the Woods'
here is the dress from the Museum's collection
that inspired my piece.

Another source of photos is here

Many thanks to the staff of the
Wellington County Museum
not only for a great job
but also for
giving me permission to use their photos
of the show.