Friday 15 May 2015

Still Going Round in Circles

The machine stitching project that simply has to get done
has forced me to stop working on Winter Solstice.
It started because I simply had to find a way
of using my Egyptian cottons that I can no longer stitch through.
So I sit and couch strips onto sturdy fabric.
Round and round in circles.
All I have left to do is to fill in the white area at the bottom.

Ideas are brewing
for where to take this couching into more work this summer.
But I must finish the machine piecing project first.
I am impatient to get back to this though.

How I wish I could drag this tree home!

Birds on the edge.

Standing in a salty puddle
Behind the brush
He is wondering
if those Rusty Pups have spied him yet.

Thursday 14 May 2015

Break of Dawn Walk Along The Basin

Finally on May first the Rusty Pups and I walked the dike.

Snow still clung to the nooks and crannies.

I do not love Winter temperatures
nor the difficulties in getting around on ice and snow
but I do love the colours....

...and the random patterns created by naked trees.

The tide was low
as was the cloud ceiling.

We disturbed a heron. 

Gosh those clouds felt oppressive
Perhaps if I stood on tiptoe
I could touch them
and move them along
to let the sun shine through.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Human Marks on the Mudflats

When the tides go out
the mudflats reveal bits of history.

The random speckling of rocks
dancing around and among
a purposeful line of a man-made something.

More evidence of early dikes I presume.
A straight line heading for the meandering evidence of a stream.

Behind the dike we walk along
are remnants of a fence no longer important.

The marks left behind from a bridge of olden times.

Across the river the bridge foundations reappear
right next to the concrete upright of today's bridge.

Then the not so modern
and now unused
pylons of the old railway bridge.

All these marks left behind by us humans of yore
might be the beginnings of some work.
I wonder if I will witness much deterioration in this bridge
as the years go by.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

When an Eagle Tries to Get Some Breakfast

I spied a pair of black backed seagulls
swooping over the mudflats
thinking they were courting
it is that time of year after all.
But no, they were upset that his majesty was looking for breakfast.

Then a common seagull noisily perched by the eagle.

Then they both looked at us
wondering if the Rusty Pups were within running distance.

And finally off they went.

He flew off into the woods.
Don't you love the colours of springtime break of days.

Then overhead three honkers flew up the Basin.
Isn't three a crowd!

Monday 11 May 2015

Camouflage Scratchings

A first time for everything
Machine stitching on my scratchings.
Because that has been the work of the week.
Cutting yards and yards of cotton into strips
sewing them back together again.
Cut, sew, press, trim, cut, sew, press, trim.

Then I thought some rusted cloth
might look good atop the piecing

Round and round in circles
representing trips up the valley
to the hospital.

The machine work basically ended up covered with hand work.
Have a lovely week.

Monday 4 May 2015

Scratching Into May

The week started off with snowflakes....Brrrrrr
But still the black duck couple
returned to the pond.

Snowflakes at the end of April!
Enough is enough.

Our ducks are wearing pink leggings
and a flash of blue.

Usually they are hidden behind long grasses
but of course this year the grasses are still dormant
so the ducks are quite visible.

The week closed celebrating Ashley.

Sunday 3 May 2015

Eight Months Old

Ashley Rose is a whole eight months old today!
She is trying to walk but doesn't crawl
Perhaps she'll skip the crawl stage all together!
No matter how she does it...
...her world is broadening.

Every now and then the mail man drops a footprint in the mailbox.
This time Donna had turned it into a spring robin.

It has been a reindeer too...

...and a birthday candle holder
so creative!
I am already wondering when I might be allowed to put a
paintbrush in her hand!
I suppose a needle will have to wait a while.

And on this momentous day
I finally spied the return of the osprey.
So thrilled am I.
I thought they might have given up on this nesting site
but just before I took this photo they were both sitting there.
Not very neat housekeepers!
Just like me.
Now I am looking out for the humming birds
better put a feeder out for them
it is still so cold.