Tuesday 11 February 2020

Trying to Fall in Love with Navy Blue

It struck me one morning as we walked toward the basin
that it was a navy blue sunrise.
My least favourite colour.
Navy blue was the colour of my school uniform
I hated school.

Never worn navy blue since!

So many people tell me blue is their favourite colour.
I resolved that I would face my feelings about Navy blue
and so
Pinned all the blues I have on the design wall.

I'm actually thinking I like these and should work them
into a blue piece.....
I will!
You never know I might turn from greys and browns
and have a year of blues!
They are beautiful aren't they.

I have always loved aquamarine

And a bit of rusting always helps doesn't it!

I will carry on working my way
towards a blue beginning!

Hope you have a sky blue day.

Sunday 9 February 2020

Love Getting Started on New Work

Starting new work
Pinning bits and pieces
Here and there.
Sitting down to ponder on how I feel about these combinations
A book of Egon Schiele landscapes catches my eye
I pick it up
It opens to a painting Autumn Tree in Turbulent Air
Which takes me back a few years to a walk in the woods
When I came across an uprooted tree lying across my path
It's roots swirled and curled six feet into the air
A rock still held tightly within their grasp
At about eye level.


And so the story begins

The strip of fabric on the right
is silk velvet
with the texture of tree bark

I started by rusching it onto a pre-felt base
Treated it very badly in the washer and dryer.
Once dried I unstitched the rippled velvet
from the pre-felt

Lots of work but worth it in my opinion

Meanwhile out on the dykes
our morning walks have been pretty dramatic

Not that the sunrise is of any interest to the Rusty Pups
They prefer to have their nose to the ground
Or look into the distance wondering how far we will go today!

 I hope your new beginnings are exciting to you too.