Saturday 6 November 2010

A walk up our stream

We have had rain and wind for one day and are expecting three more days of this. The stream is full to the brim...

It is babbling and bouncing it's way past trees and rocks...

The calm waters of the pond on the left spill out into the stream and the excitement starts...

The pond is fed by a mountain stream back in the distance and somewhere beneath this photo is where is tumbles into the babbling stream.
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  1. How pretty! These would look great translated into fabric.

  2. love the last 2 photos with reflections in the water.

  3. Its gorgeous! I think I'd spend a LOT of time on its banks.

  4. that's a pretty wild creek, 3 more days of rain and it might break the banks. gorgeous reflections...k.

  5. Water...water still and water moving...what is it about water that captivates us so?! GREAT photos, Penny, they make me feel like I'm there. I think in a couple more days you will need flippers ;>}

  6. How close is the house to the creek! Not too close, I hope? Anyway, amazing photos as usual. You're spoiling us with eye candy.....I love your wild and crazy land.


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