Friday 11 November 2022

Lest We Forget

Lost at Ypres in 1915 WW1
My great uncle Hugo Freeland

WWI Veteran
My grandfather "Shanks" Cecil Freeland
I was lucky to know my grandad who I adored

WWI veteran
My grandfather Dr. Frank Robertson
who served as a doctor
but come home early from the trenches suffering from TB.
I was a baby when he died and I so regret not getting to know him. 

Lost at Katyn WWII
Handy Hubby's uncle Zdzislaw Berens

WWII Veteran
My lovely Handy Hubby's father Tadeusz Berens

and my beloved father
WWII veteran
Desmond Hugo Freeland

Remembering on this day of Memory


Thursday 4 August 2022

Colours in the Garden


Our one rame flowerbed 
 So colourful this year full
Full of joy
I love it
Though I'm no gardener
I am trying!

Red the colour of our Root Chakra at the base of our spine
Keeps us grounded and connected to the universe
Deepening our sense of belonging and trust

Reds that dance in Summery breezes
For red is the colour that energizes us
Calls us into action

Romantic, passionate reds
Sexy and attention getting

A wee bit of quiet greyness
The perfect understated neutral
The colour of intellect and knowledge
And the colour of wisdom acquired through age
as us grey haired ancients!
Respect your elders kids!

Yellow sunshine
The colour of the Solar Plexus Chakra
located in our abdomen
provider of vitality and personal strength

 Happy Yellow brings warmth and positivity

Lavender is prolific this year
Purple the colour of our Crown Chakra
Connecting us to the universal consciousness
Deepening our spiritual understanding

But back to intoxicating, alluring red!

And luscious browns are simmering in the garden too of course!
Associated with all things natural and organic
Hearth and home
Life giving soil

Wishing you a day full of colour

Tuesday 2 August 2022

A Rusty Pup Summer


A Rusty Pup Summer is full of play

And grassy back scratches

Then resting in the shade

And sometimes pretending you're a beaver

Then catching your breath before another game of tag erupts!

Or catching a bit of sunshine

And carrying your favourite stick back to the house.

I hope your day is full of Summer Sunshine.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Steven's Day of Memory

You left too soon 
But in your short and busy life 
You left behind so much love 
A ton of friendship 
And so many rich memories
Your brothers miss you 
Your friends miss you 
Your Mom and Dad miss you
We carry you closely in our hearts 
Remembering your kind and playful spirit
Holding onto precious memories

Mark was recently interviewed by Jeff Woods on his podcast 'Records & Rockstars
Mark spoke so beautifully about you and Brett and the Tragically Hip,
About that first concert you three boys went to, 
He spoke of losing you 
And about meeting Good Downey over the years.

You three are and always will be our Rockstars!
Love and miss you.

Monday 21 March 2022

Tending Winter's Garden

Summer's Dance

I thought that using brighter colours
would help me through the winter months that I find so difficult
and, boy oh boy, last summer was glorious.
I wanted to record and celebrate that too
and forget the winter winds outside.

But then I read Rainer Maria Rilke's thoughts on winter
A time to care for one's inner garden
A time to mend
A time of growth for mind and spirit. 

A time of looking deeply inwards 

For so many Winters
I have said I should do a winter piece.
When the word 'should' comes out of my mouth
I now recognize it's never gonna happen!

So in this deep mid-winter stitching of the joyful dance of summer's dahlias
I hope I am learning to accept winter's edge
as a quietness
a retreat into deepening knowledge.

Now that this piece is finished
it fills me with joy and rich memories.

Winter's edge was harsh this year
So much so that the Rusty Pups could sniff the upturned top
of quite a few sixty foot spruce

At the other end I found inspiration in it's, oh so shallow, root ball.

There were many days when it was best to stay inside!
Even the RP's thought so.

In May the dahlia corms will go back into the ground
In August their blooms will be dancing and bobbing in summer breezes.

Monday 7 February 2022

Living in an Ice Covered World

At break of day the sky was heavy with dark, dark clouds
Except for a brave sun trying to rise above the South Mountain.

Our world has been completely icebound for two days
Branches drooping with the weight.

Everything encased

Everything bending over from the weight

Broken branches scattered on the ground

Rusty Pups were able to walk on deep ice covered snow
Not me
but I tried
and after a second each step would suddenly break the surface
and I was up to my calves in snow.
Thank goodness the driveway took my weight
and so we walked back and forth
for half an hour
then gave up
frozen fingers and toes!

Relieved to get back in the warmth
prepare breakfast 

....get down to a day's stitching on a new smaller peony piece.

Bringing colour back into a cold icy weekend.

I hope you too are all warm and safe inside.
A stormy weekend of power cuts
is no fun at all.

Saturday 29 January 2022

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry if I want to!

Just Joking!
It's my 75th....3/4 of a century old am I!

We are celebrating snuggled at home under our third weekend of storm and wind warnings. 

Fingers crossed we don't lose power or any more trees.

Or perhaps the storm won't be as bad as anticipated and the Robins will come and join our celebrations.
At this time of year flocks of them come and gorge on the wild holly berries.

One thing's for sure the Rusty Pups will have to stay close
 no walking up the frozen stream.

The three of us will miss our break of dawn walk because I'm not venturing out there!

Handy Hubby has been alongside me for 53 of my 75 years.
Thank you for being there through thick and thin sweetheart.

And thank you to my three boys of whom I am so proud.
They have made my life so complete.
Love you