Monday 19 August 2019

Working with Rusty Pups Underfoot

We have started walks

And they can join me in the studio for short periods now
so I have been able to play on the design wall.

This is often how a piece starts
 Pinning bits and pieces up on the wall.
When I visited Judy on her beautiful island
we decided my mottled grey fabric
really needed the company of Judy's dyed grey and brown velvets.
Thank you Judy
Sending you grateful hugs over the airways.

Now that I am home
I think I also have to include that strip of black discharge linen.

Jut playing around adding and subtracting.
I am where I love to be
It is calming to be in the studio 
even with pups fighting over a scrap of cotton
at my feet.

 We have started walks up the mountain.
They have learned the beep of the tailgate opening
means a ride to fun times!
They are not big enough to jump in yet
but they try and help!

We also took them to meet beautiful Willa next door.

Oh, boy did they love her
Willa was so patient
Two excited puppies at once can be a bit much!

Sunday 18 August 2019

She Loved The Woods

She Loved the Woods
finished and nearly ready to mail to Ontario
for a Connections Fibre Artists show

Each one of us chose one of the fashion items
in the Wellington County Museum collection.
I chose this dress
I thought it might have been dyed with black walnut or Alder
perhaps both
I imagined the woman who wore this
might love the woods
as I do.

Connections Fibre Artists
is a group brimming with talent.
Do go and be inspired!

Saturday 3 August 2019

Rusty Pups and Their New Skills

They have worked out how to climb the stairs
So nowhere is safe anymore
All doors are shut tight.

And it appears the stairs are quite delicious.

 I have been thinking of changing their collective name from Rusty Pups
but then sometimes
is more appropriate

Sleeping beneath my box of dreams
would be considered an 'Adorable' moment.

When those moments of quiet occur
I stitch waves of bushes and foliage

I think the title of this piece will be
She Loved The Woods

The Deadline for this piece us coming up fast
So I'm hoping it will tell me it's story is complete pretty soon!

Right now I am adding an evergreen canopy...

....above woodland bushes.

But the pups are awake again
deciding whether to play with a long legged rooster.
an old sock
wouldn't it be even more fun to dig up the garden.
We've never had diggers before!

They love greeting visitors
especially Handy Hubby on his return from golf.