Thursday 19 December 2019

Marking Virgin Snow

It might not look like it but the RP's and I are the first ones here!
It has always astonished me how much one car, one human
and two Rusty Pups can disturb the ground they move upon.

One of the joys of early morning walks on virgin snow
is the visual proof of who has been there before me.
The Rusty Pups know all year long
with their noses to the ground.

rabbits live here

squirrels live here

A tiny jumper of some sort?

Bobcats live here

Mice headed for shelter before we got here.

If one takes too long to get a shot of new footprints
Rusty Pups come rushing over to help
and of course destroy any chance of a photo!

Wherever one goes....

 ....the other is bound to follow.

And finally remembering
the Beaver footprints from last year.
Huge aren't they!

Knowing that these creatures share this land with us
fills my soul with joy.

I hope you have a joy filled day.

Tuesday 17 December 2019

Moving Toward Year's End

Beaver Moon Dreaming
Still in progress but moving along

Thinking that they live in a watery world....
....I'm stitching swirls around the edges.
Sometimes those swirls break through stick walls
for I also know there is danger beyond their refuge.

Peace and companionship resides inside their lodge.
They even allow muskrats to share their home in Winter.

I am enjoying this stage of adding
and sometimes removing.... I work through my encounters with our local beavers
and the fact that they are no longer close by
because the bobcats and coyotes think they are delicious.
I miss them and the simple joy of 
finding their footprints
and worn paths on our early morning walks.
But they will surely be back in a year or two
to build up a new community.

As Winter Settles in and the New Year fast approaches
I have to admit I am no longer a 'winter person'
but I do love sunrise any time of year.

And walking with my Rusty Pup youngsters
is always a joyful adventure.

What a world we live in!

The RP's know exactly where every wild apple tree is in these woods
They think the rotten frozen windfalls are delicious!
Have to say I will be glad when the snow is too deep!

Snow snuffling
to see who is hiding beneath the brambles.
Could be a bobcat or a mouse
a snowshoe hare or perhaps a pheasant.
But the pheasant would have made his noisy escape
way before we arrived here!

Anyhoo, RP Ginger says
enjoy your day!