Wednesday 18 March 2020

We visited the Beaver Dam

A few days ago the ice was breaking up around the abandoned Beaver Dam.

Today the water is free of ice
I wonder if beavers ever return to places they have abandoned?

The Rusty Pups found it a useful bridge to clamber their way back to me.
It is still cold up here in the North so the ice might be back.

I wondered if I should have put puppies on top of
Beaver Moon Dreaming...

....or perhaps some paw prints!

Monday 16 March 2020

Bending in the Wind

We are all bending in the wind of dramatic changes at the moment.
Our individual worlds are shrinking.
This week I should be packing to present at the SAQA conference in Toronto.
Instead Judy Martin, Miranda Bouchard and I
are going through a steep learning curve in order to do it online.
So sad but necessary
There is nothing like talking to a roomful of textile artists
but SAQA is doing an amazing job of adapting
and we will get through this.
Stay safe

In between computer sessions
work is progressing on what I currently call Windy Tree.
We have lost so many trees to the wind this past year.
And this piece is about the time walking through our woods
.....but I've told you that already!....

I spent one day pinning stones and rocks in various positions
but was making the piece to weighty
I wanted to place emphasis on the wind.

So in between a few scattered stones I stitched
the messiness of the ground on a windy day.

It felt like a dance of needle and thread

Stitches dancing in the wind!

Then I climbed up the tree a bit
adding bits and pieces of windblown twigs

I didn't want to forget the big rock caught in mid air

Then as usual the Rusty Pups felt the need to interrupt
and bring in their favourite toy
They can keep themselves amused with this one for ages!

So all three of us had to have a tug of war.

Be safe