Thursday 30 October 2014

Last Week's Scratchings

Getting back into the groove...slowly

We were swept along the dike by strong blowing winds
beneath dark grey clouds

Tuesday started early with blood tests....tai shopping
followed by a grey wet day.

Drove across the province in heavy rain
on puddled roads to attend a FAB meeting where we played with glue guns.
Got back from yoga on Friday to swarms of grackles in the garden.

Stitching in an attempt to brighten up a grey rainy weekend.

Friday 24 October 2014

McMichael Gallery Autumn Sale

 Massasauga Pine

It's that time of year again

 Cliff Twilight

You will find Mark and his paintings

 Algonquin Island Sunset

at the McMichael Gallery In Kleinburg, Ontario.

 Killbear Pride

My favourite gallery in the whole wide world.

Moose Bay Sunrise

My favourite artist in the whole wide world!

Tuesday 21 October 2014

And so October Begins

October first means the beginning of a new scroll.
I do that every three months.

Scratched up to October 19th.

Surrounded by baby images.

Visitors arrived with ribbon wrapped gifts
and alligators patterned some things
Then it got too busy to do anything more than rows of stitch.

Those pumpkin looking things represent bouncing
on the yoga ball which was great at soothing fussy times.
On Saturday Claire and Mike and Peggy
invited Mark and Donna and baby
Handy Hubby and I
and Brett
for Thanksgiving.
A lovely evening it was too.

After three weeks we tore ourselves away and returned home.
Our first days home have been crazy days of playing catchup.
So many things to do and errands to run
I felt a bit loopy....and so invented a loopy stitch!

I hope we still have time to admire the autumn colours before the leaves fall.
Sunday was drawing class again.

Monday 20 October 2014

Scratching September's End

Three weeks ago

 Way back on September 22nd I was binding a quilt in dotty red.
On the Tuesday morning RP's chased a raccoon into a salt pond
where the brave little thing turned and faced them
not moving another inch.
I flew to Toronto and up to Collingwood on Wednesday.

Finally I was able to hold my first grandchild
such a precious little thing
I think my stitched feet are larger than hers!

She loves her vibrating chair.
Think I could use one of those!

They have a lovely old fashioned pram.

Then life got busy.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Grand Babies are Grand

The reason for my silence
three glorious weeks away meeting this little honeybunch.
At times she sleeps as peaceful as can be
but not necessarily.
Just like her Dad, even in her sleep she can be
A bundle of wriggling muscles.

So serious was she as she studied everything around her.
when I arrived she looked at light and contrast.
By the time I left she was looking at our eyes and faces
and the smiles were beginning to be real.

Tiny hands would wrap into fists

Arms would stretch out relaxed over Mama's shoulders

The yoga ball was used to soother at fussy times.
Both parents would take it in turn gently bouncing with babe in arms.
I didn't trust myself to do that
but could have done with one back in the seventies!

Uncle Brett came to meet his niece.

Handy Hubby became an adoring grandpa.

Butterfly babe

So many thanks to Mark and Donna for allowing 
me to share this precious time with them.