Sunday 4 June 2023

Walk Through of In the Middle of the World

 Judy Martin and I did a walk through and talked about our pieces 
hanging at The Muse Gallery in Kenora, Ontario.
Thank you Miranda Bouchard for recording the event with your Photographs.

'My Awakened Heart', 'Her Arms Wrapped Round' and 'My Heart'
Judy's three pieces in the foreground.
'Resting Between Night and Day', 'The Edge of the Woods', 'A Stream Runs Through it' and 'Woodpeckers Live Here'
My pieces on the wall.

As you walk into the gallery this is the beginning of what I think is an emotional experience.
Not to be sentimental but being surrounded by large stitchings have that effect on me!
 They create a welcoming and comforting environment.
Like old English houses where walls were hung with tapestries 
both to impress but also to help warm the place.
Like my grandmother's home where huge, heavy velvet curtains separated the living room from the dining room to keep us warm with a coal (yikes) fire burning.

Love this photo

'Beaver Moon Dreaming' My piece on the wall.
'Eternity', 'Flowers Bloomed' and 'The Forever' Judy's three pieces.

'Resting at Low Tide' My piece on the wall.
'The Forever' Side B Judy's piece in the foreground.

We are so different yet so alike!

Miranda, me, Dagmar Plenk and Judy

We had a surprise visitor, Dagmar who came up from the States to see the show.
We had met online but it is so much better getting to know someone in the flesh.
We had a lovely visit didn't we, Dagmar!

We all loved listening to Judy explaining each piece.

'The Forever' and 'Time Future' Judy's pieces in the foreground.
'Summer's Dance' my piece on the wall.

'Time Past' Judy's piece in the foreground.
'Woodland Berries' My piece on the wall.

'Woodland Berries' is a piece not only about the wild berries the float 
like waves through the woods in Autumn
 but it's also about the woodpeckers that lie in these woods
and the stoney ground that huge trees somehow manage to find nutrients in.

'Dancing in the Wind' and 'Follow the Moon' My pieces on the wall.
'Medicine Earth' Side B Judy's piece beyond the door.

My experience of someone's work is always enriched with their artist talk.
So I am always happy to share my thoughts and process with others.
Even if my throat goes dry and scratchy sometimes!

Some of my works had to be given a wall of their own.
Just too many of them!
Thank you to The Muse for giving them space.

We are delighted that
'In the Middle of the World'
A show of Judith E. Martin and Penny Berens's work
Curated by Miranda Bouchard
has been extended to hang in The Muse gallery,
Kenora, Ontario
Until July 4th, 2023.

Have a great day
We are enjoying a few days of rain here in Nova Scotia
 Hope it is enough to dampen all the wild fires.