Thursday, 29 April 2021

Making Colour

Before lockdown started here yesterday
Diane and Grace and myself happy spent Tuesdays
playing with dyepots.
Madder was one of our first choices

Black Hollyhock surprised us with a deep dark smokey blue.
I actually liked it!

We are very excited to have 
a brand new grower of pant dyes in the Annapolis Valley

I think it was their Black Coreopsis
that gave us a very nice green.
I know
I should keep better records!

I can understand some folk wanting to do nothing but dye.
The magic of reaching into a dye pot 
and pulling out a new colour
is very addictive.

I hope you there are lots of colours in your day today.

Monday, 26 April 2021

Blue on Blue and a bit of Rust

Blue on the design wall
 Pinned over lots of colour waiting for attention.
Rusted blue linen tablecloth
My old denim dress torn into strips and couched down into rocks
Rocks are circles
Blue shibori moon
Moons are circles.

Moonlit rock circles

Loving the shibori moon
Need to do more of that.

Rocky shoreline
Beneath full blue moons
We are circled by rocks
We have a coastal community in Nova Scotia called Blue Rocks.

Rust can always be found amidst shoreline rocks.

It needs to rest right now as I decide
if more stitching is needed.
I am a fan of excessive stitching!

Whether to stitch inside the rock circles
surround the rocks with stitch.
Don't know yet.
But for now I've had my fill of blue!

I hope you too can play with a colour you you never use!

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Bits and Pieces


April is coming to an end and yet still it snows
But loving the dots created by dripping trees as the day warms up

There is proof, however, that nature's critters 
know summer will soon be here.
One critter, Handy Hubby, 
had the foresight to build a shelf in case the robin's returned.
He thought they would prefer to use his shelf
A shelf is surely more comfortable than a hose
which we really need to use in the summer!
Hope you can see his very smart shelf!

For several days just a pile of straw sat on the hose
but several days later
a perfectly formed bowl appeared!
Looks like our Robins will bring us a new family.

I love my old Matriarch tree
She has been shrinking for seventeen years now.
Riddled with woodpecker holes
Not a scrap of bark left to protect her
Yet still she stands.
I really must stitch a piece about her.

My beautiful Rusty Pups and I love our break of dawn walks.
They always have to share treasures with me
 Treasures discovered in the woods....

....even rocks.

Sometimes they just wanna say hello
or show off the holes they have dug.
Our very messy front lawn is even messier nowadays!

I hope your walk inspires you today.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

New Beginnings On The Wall

Paytime on the design wall
Finding older bits and pieces that have never found a home.
Just the right companion fabrics are surely somewhere in my stash.
It might be time
I never know
But it is fun pinning bits and pieces up there as I contemplate
what unfinished pieces appeal to me after years of neglect.

Piece on the right is a new piece
put together mainly with glue!
I can't believe I'm doing this!
"Rock my World"

Beneath the design wall there is no lack of scraps waiting to join in the fun
and Rusty Pup toys also waiting to be played with of course.

"Rock my World" is to hang outside in the woods.
Not a stitch in sight....

....well, just a few!

What will become of it out in the woods....I do not know.
Ten years ago I wrapped trees with cloth hoping 
to get at least some colour.
All I got was critter and mushroom activity like this!

The elements and wildlife can be pretty vicious around here!
Freezing rain kept us from our walks for a few days this week.

But when we did walk Ginger's mission was apparently
to drag this branch along with us for a few kilometres!

I hope your day is warm and cosy
no matter the weather.

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Winter's Edge

I sewed a sleeve to the back
As usual I like the back better than the front.
I need to do more work stitching from the back.
I did exactly that in parts of 'Chasing the Moon'.

It is always striking to me that the back can look so unselfconscious
 so spontaneous
 yet the front is quite controlled.

It might surprise you that I try vey hard to make my fronts look less controlled
Really I do!
Not very successfully I fear!

I am, however, a very messy creative
Threads are piled high right next to where I'm working
As a matter of fact 
every surface, floors and tables, are piled high with fabric and thread.

I frequently start clearing the decks
but never finish
because.... I start trying to take control
picking up some piece of cloth or skein of thread
sends me off exploring another idea for a new piece
....and here we go again!
The beginnings of new work are always the messiest of times.

Before sewing on the sleeve
our dining room table was occupied for several days
as I pinned and blocked 'Winter's Edge'.
It is now on it's way to the Wellington County Museum in Fergus
for a Connections show called 'Collections' February 20 - July 4.
If you're in Ontario you have to see this show.
It is such a privilege to be a part of this talented group of fibre artists
whose work is amazing!
And the Wellington County Museum is very impressive.
Worth the drive to Fergus
Covid permitting of course.

Stay safe

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Happy Valentine's Day to All....

Happy Valentine's Day!
Especially to my Handy Hubby
Who I fell in love with when I was seventeen
My goodness that was well over half a century ago!
He is my knight in shining armour.

We have been swamped with snow
Kind of marooned
But Handy Hubby has come to the rescue and
snow-blowed trails for the Rusty Pups and me.

No ordinary trails mind you
He created a whole network of paths that criss cross all over the place!
Luckily the Rusty Pups find this just as exciting as a walk along the dyke.
They wait with bated breath for me to get dressed and join them.
We walk our trails every morning at the break of dawn.

My beautiful gentle Rusty Pup Brandy
Who stays close.....
.....Most of the time.
I know it's a bit blurry but I like it all the same!

And this is my Wild Child Rusty Pup, Ginger
Who thinks she is on a mission on every walk.
She walks with a purpose.

Today's mission took her across frozen pond
to see who had been through the woods last night.

Gentle Brandy would rather stay with me but keep an eye on her sister.

There is always cause for a celebratory romp when Ginger returns to the pack!

And after an hour of walking my perfect snowy trails
my fingers are frozen
Time for a nice warm coffee!
Hope your day is full of love!

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Walking with Rusty Pups

After the rain or perhaps a morning fog

The colours become richer
The browns browner
the reds redder

I do love those browns
See two Rusty Pups?

Fast approaching

Galloping along

and here they are!

They do some pretty weird things
Like to carrying rocks
Whoever picks one up first carries it
Her sister doesn't try and grab it....not ever
as soon as it is dropped because something more interesting turns up
the other one will take her turn and carry it for a while.

 Wonder where they got their love of rocks from!
Well, they have always seen rocks disappear into my pockets.

I hope you find a beautiful rock today.