Wednesday, 18 March 2020

We visited the Beaver Dam

A few days ago the ice was breaking up around the abandoned Beaver Dam.

Today the water is free of ice
I wonder if beavers ever return to places they have abandoned?

The Rusty Pups found it a useful bridge to clamber their way back to me.
It is still cold up here in the North so the ice might be back.

I wondered if I should have put puppies on top of
Beaver Moon Dreaming...

....or perhaps some paw prints!

Monday, 16 March 2020

Bending in the Wind

We are all bending in the wind of dramatic changes at the moment.
Our individual worlds are shrinking.
This week I should be packing to present at the SAQA conference in Toronto.
Instead Judy Martin, Miranda Bouchard and I
are going through a steep learning curve in order to do it online.
So sad but necessary
There is nothing like talking to a roomful of textile artists
but SAQA is doing an amazing job of adapting
and we will get through this.
Stay safe

In between computer sessions
work is progressing on what I currently call Windy Tree.
We have lost so many trees to the wind this past year.
And this piece is about the time walking through our woods
.....but I've told you that already!....

I spent one day pinning stones and rocks in various positions
but was making the piece to weighty
I wanted to place emphasis on the wind.

So in between a few scattered stones I stitched
the messiness of the ground on a windy day.

It felt like a dance of needle and thread

Stitches dancing in the wind!

Then I climbed up the tree a bit
adding bits and pieces of windblown twigs

I didn't want to forget the big rock caught in mid air

Then as usual the Rusty Pups felt the need to interrupt
and bring in their favourite toy
They can keep themselves amused with this one for ages!

So all three of us had to have a tug of war.

Be safe

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Trying to Fall in Love with Navy Blue

It struck me one morning as we walked toward the basin
that it was a navy blue sunrise.
My least favourite colour.
Navy blue was the colour of my school uniform
I hated school.

Never worn navy blue since!

So many people tell me blue is their favourite colour.
I resolved that I would face my feelings about Navy blue
and so
Pinned all the blues I have on the design wall.

I'm actually thinking I like these and should work them
into a blue piece.....
I will!
You never know I might turn from greys and browns
and have a year of blues!
They are beautiful aren't they.

I have always loved aquamarine

And a bit of rusting always helps doesn't it!

I will carry on working my way
towards a blue beginning!

Hope you have a sky blue day.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Love Getting Started on New Work

Starting new work
Pinning bits and pieces
Here and there.
Sitting down to ponder on how I feel about these combinations
A book of Egon Schiele landscapes catches my eye
I pick it up
It opens to a painting Autumn Tree in Turbulent Air
Which takes me back a few years to a walk in the woods
When I came across an uprooted tree lying across my path
It's roots swirled and curled six feet into the air
A rock still held tightly within their grasp
At about eye level.


And so the story begins

The strip of fabric on the right
is silk velvet
with the texture of tree bark

I started by rusching it onto a pre-felt base
Treated it very badly in the washer and dryer.
Once dried I unstitched the rippled velvet
from the pre-felt

Lots of work but worth it in my opinion

Meanwhile out on the dykes
our morning walks have been pretty dramatic

Not that the sunrise is of any interest to the Rusty Pups
They prefer to have their nose to the ground
Or look into the distance wondering how far we will go today!

 I hope your new beginnings are exciting to you too.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Two Show Openings Saturday 18th, Two Provinces

Connection Fibre Artists show Re:Fashion
is moving from Wellington County Museum
Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre
33 Victoria Street N, Southampton, Ontario
if you are anywhere in the vicinity on Saturday
do pop in and explore
the amazing work of this group of talented people.
I am one of them....
....and I'm sorry I can't be there....
....because it is a great show.

I will be in Nova Scotia's beautiful Bear River 
at the Sissiboo Coffee Roaster for the opening of
a show I share with my friend Diane.
Do drop in
we both love to chat and share our explorations with you.

Thank you Erin for all your help
You were amazing!
And a huge thank you to our two husbands
Richard and Harold
who are always so supportive of our endeavours.

Diane had the forethought to bring along iron and ironing board.

So why the title Wednesdays
Since 2008 Diane and I have been meeting....yes
on Wednesdays!
Everyone knows we are unavailable
on Wednesdays!

 Both of us find our inspiration in nature
and are always happy to explore our environment
for local materials and inspiration.

One corner of the show is dedicated to a few
of our explorations

We even found space for a few of the stone pathways to hang
Handy Hubby and I both forgot to take the actual stones
that we usually displayed with them.
Getting old!

I like these two together
Diane's on the left

Hanging a show always does me in
but after four hours of work
it is worth it
textiles always make a place warm and inviting
especially in a cold Canadian winter!

See you Saturday

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year!

A rainbow and it's shadow closed out the year
in our neck of the woods.

I wish for you my favourite Celtic Blessing
for the start of this new decade

May your past be a pleasant memory
Your future filled with delight and mystery
Your now a glorious moment
that fills your life with deep contentment

ay your day be filled with blessings
Like the sun that lights the sky
And may you always have the courage
To spread your wings and fly.

And I'm sure the Rusty Pups would join me
in wishing you the best year ever.

I'm sure they would if a tasty treat was placed under their noses!

 My holiday stitching has been very simple
just adding lines of stitches to a favourite piece
of plant dyed linen.

The story is forming and I think it wants to be called
Stay Awhile

Have a great day!

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Marking Virgin Snow

It might not look like it but the RP's and I are the first ones here!
It has always astonished me how much one car, one human
and two Rusty Pups can disturb the ground they move upon.

One of the joys of early morning walks on virgin snow
is the visual proof of who has been there before me.
The Rusty Pups know all year long
with their noses to the ground.

rabbits live here

squirrels live here

A tiny jumper of some sort?

Bobcats live here

Mice headed for shelter before we got here.

If one takes too long to get a shot of new footprints
Rusty Pups come rushing over to help
and of course destroy any chance of a photo!

Wherever one goes....

 ....the other is bound to follow.

And finally remembering
the Beaver footprints from last year.
Huge aren't they!

Knowing that these creatures share this land with us
fills my soul with joy.

I hope you have a joy filled day.