Tuesday 27 August 2013

Goose Wisdom

Before the sun came up
they were all resting in a line
facing East.

As the sun came up 
they started to stir.

By the time the sun was up above the South Mountain
their thoughts obviously turned to breakfast.
My first goosey gathering of the season.
...how time flies.  

Monday 26 August 2013

Raggedy Scratchings

I decided it was time to pay homage
to all the fabric I have wrecked over the years
in the name of exploring my medium.

A scrap of cotton nearly rusted away
but looks like a shaman perhaps.

One of my brother's napkins he used
to take to school.
Who the heck has to take their own napkins to school?
Anyhooo.... this one ended up wrapped around a rock
in my stream for three months.
....Also remembering the full moon.

Dyed with iris leaves
dyed with bark and plaited for the tracks we made up the valley
for doctor appointments.

Very fine silk nearly eaten away lying in the stream 
and wrapped around a can.
Lovely linen blouse left in the mud for three months.
Sunday's piece was steamed with leaves in the slow cooker.

It's been a glorious week to be outside.

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Walking the Shore

We walked rocky Hampton Beach
Actually more like a balancing act than a walk
working our way over all those pebbles!

looking out to sea calms the senses

Soft breezes and salt air
renew every fibre of our beings.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Shredded in Nature

Perhaps more wrinkled than shredded

More slashed than shredded

Can't beat that for shredded!
Question is.... was it passing critters trying to retrieve 
some comfortable bedding from the stream
or was it just the ravages of water passing by?

The wool in the middle survived
and the linen sleeve (on the right) wrapped around a mossy rock
strangely only accepted colour down one side.

This piece of silk only just survived.
It was wrapped around a tin can
and nearly fell apart as we retrieved it.

This rock provided the most colour variations.

We were thrilled we got any colour at all
but obviously three months is way too long!
We decided to try more wrapped cans...

...and will check them in a week.

Monday 19 August 2013

A basket full of Scratchings

A basket full of this year's scratchings.

A busy day of merlin activity
one even tried to grab a Rusty Pup's discarded stick!

We walked stony Hampton beach
Actually less of a walk
more like a balancing act.

Diane and I trekked up the stream to retrieve our wrapped rocks

A sunny day working in the garden putting marks on fabric
another day trying to do cretin stitch without looking.
Two of my favourite things to do.

It is "Paint the Town" weekend in Annapolis Royal.
There are artists and their easels scattered all over the place.
At Fort Anne a cricket match is under way.
You would think we were back in jolly old England!

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Garden Colours Walkabout

Resting beneath a mound of yellow.

Rusty richness swaying in gentle breezes.

Laden with delectable greens...
Rusty Pup Kayla
has already finds them delicious
and will pick the tree bare before they're ripe!

Speckled orange elegance.

Green ball in Rusty Pup mouth
as she rushes into action after another ball.
She is obsessed!

Weathered grey notch..
Seeing a design potential here.

Monday 12 August 2013

Mostly Moonlit Scratchings

How I love the summer

Sipping wine with friends on our side of the Basin
watching Natal Day Fireworks
as moored yachts bobbed back and forth on gentle waves.
A great show for our little town.

Chatting with friends shaded from Summer's sun.
An enchanted afternoon.

Dipped in rust
then dried beneath the midday sun.

A day in the studio
pinning bits and pieces to the design wall
then moving and re-pinning
several times!

This week I've been having a recurring dream about whales for some reason.
I'm sitting on the front porch with guests
looking out over the ocean as it laps up against our front step.
Suddenly we notice a whale.
He approaches gently and lays his massive head
on a big flat rock right in front of us.
my guest is too scared to look
I am in awe of this gentle giant.

A moonlit concert beneath the stars
and for a brief shining moment
the space station
as it flew overhead.
For Sunday a say of rest using those special
blues of summer
those Mediterranean blues.

Tuesday 6 August 2013

At Work on the Dyke

Early mist still rising
Down on the dike

The RP's and I weren't the only ones up and about

Some were already working on the edge. 

A spider with a sense of design...
that centre...
some stitching to be done  me thinks.

Not such beautiful web work
but home to thousands!

Some webs are just strands of thread
wandering here and there between swaying grasses.

Monday 5 August 2013

Scratching Summer Sunshine

Who stays indoors in glorious sunshiny weather?

Anyone else a golf widow on Mondays...
and most sunshiny days until the snows come!

Tuesday was time to take down our group show at the art centre.

The Rusty Pups, Diane and I
spent a glorious day at the red beach
trying to get some of that red onto our cloth.

The RP's explored

and lounged around admiring our work!

Snails and limpets also looked on.

Decided to restrict myself to X's for the rest of the week....
keep it simple when it's way to sunshiny outside to stay indoors!