Sunday 21 July 2019

Grateful for Snatched Minutes

Ready to receive visitors on the front porch
planning their next mischief...

like digging between the sofa cushions before a nap.

That is when I can snatch a few moments.

A few stitches.

But then, 
if you leave them unsupervised
and forget to bring the newspaper in,
you will return to a million scattered fragments.

and..... oh, yes,
I'd forgotten what a puppy's reaction to a broom would be!

But no matter
Order is soon restored....

....and we can all relax again until the next puppy mischief.

The Rusty Pups have doubled in size since they arrived.
They are going to be so big!

And one day it will be safe to let them lounge around the studio
and not eat my threads or fabric!

Friday 19 July 2019

Day of Memory

We are thinking of you today, Steven.
You were just twenty-one when you left this world.

We can't believe that was twenty-five years ago.

Your family misses you my dear.
Forever in our hearts.