Wednesday 29 April 2020

Bending in the Wind

 Nearly there
And so happy to have taken the trouble to remove the messy wind of before!
When you look straight on you hardly notice the wind at all now.

....moving around and looking at angles
the wind can be seen a shimmering there.

 A few leaves are dancing
all that's left.

The winds have been strong here these last few days
We lost a couple
Snapped off half way down

Contemplating whether to enter the woods
where trees are blown over
on windy days just like this
out in the meadow
 lean into the wind
or be blown to and fro
like rag dolls I fear.

 Back at the car it's sheltered thank goodness

And back home there's a couch for
pooped Rusty Pups 
to collapse on!

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Inspiration for Some New Beginnings Perhaps

I am finding the landscape the Beavers have left behind fascinating

Sometimes the Rusty Pups and I
visit the old Beaver territory on our morning walks

Because they are no longer here to maintain their dams
the water had receded

Revealing chewed off stubs of trees and bushes
Jutting up and out at every angle
I love the randomness

Back at home this Groundhog boldly
walked across the front of the house
right under excited Rusty Pups watching his every move 
from the safety of the kitchen window.
Apologies for the photo
it took me ages to find the camera and so got his backside!

Exhausted mighty beaver hunters
and groundhog observers!

New beginnings don't happen suddenly for me
I have to absorb and ponder
and understand 
before I can decide what story I want to stitch
but there is a point, as Meister Eckhart says,
when I do dive in and trust the magic
of new beginnings.

And suddenly you know:
it's time to start something new
and trust the magic 
of new beginnings
Meister Eckhart

Sunday 12 April 2020

Some People Know I Used to Use Colour!

I loved texture then.....still do.
Seven or eight layers of cloth stitched together 
(by machine in those days)

Then I took the scissors to it
and gave myself carpel tunnel problems for years afterwards!

I loved her weight
her drape
and her texture.
I love that she now lives with Judy Martin on the shores of Georgian Bay.

Sixties Groove
Also made at least twenty four years ago
Way before blogging!
Made for a Connections Show on the theme of Hippies.
I can't imagine now how I assembled all those curvey sections together.
This piece still makes me smile.
Memories it evokes
like my simple act of rebellion
painting my bedroom furniture pink and orange.
My cousin had ginger hair and the family always
said she should never wear pink.
But now we know differently don't we.

I am finding it quite calming to look back at past works
In these days of isolation, days of suffering and loss for so many families
my mind is scattered
my heart breaks
I cry
my blood boils
my spirit fills with admiration and gratitude 
for the heroism
 of those working on the front lines of this pandemic
Thank you.

The colours I am drawn to for the past twenty years
since the turn of the century are quieter and softer.
The lines I seek out now are those irregular
meandering lines created by Mother Nature.

I hope you have a happy and healthy day.

Friday 10 April 2020

Feeling Unstitched

Since this all began
I've been stitching windy gusts around my windswept tree
happy to have work at the stage
when rhythmic stitched meditation can take over.

After a day's stitching
an important part of my process
is to pin the piece on a design wall
take a quick look and react.
Usually this means trying out bits and pieces of cloth or thread colour
and leaving them there overnight
to react to them first thing in the morning with fresh eyes.

On Monday night however
my immediate thought was
Oh, my goodness, I have to unstitch all that wind!
I went to bed.
Next morning my reaction was just the same.
So I started unpicking.

How much unpicking you may ask
I started first thing Tuesday morning
Handy Hubby then decided he had to
vacuum all the rugs
and then
shampoo all the rugs.

He did that by lunchtime.
I unpicked for two days!

The Rusty Pups thought it was pretty boring.
I found it quite calming.
Once I have made a decision like that
I commit fully.

I should tell you why....
That Monday night
it hit me that my beautiful elegant tree
was being overwhelmed by those messy winds.
When I started the wind was an important part of the story
Now I am relegating it to background noise!

So today I will start calming the wind down
and feel secure in the knowledge that I have done the right thing.

Perhaps my windy stitching didn't work
for the past few weeks I should have been
with these two little monkeys
whom I haven't held in my arms for ages now.
Usually I get to visit them at least twice a year.
I wonder when I will see them next
in these days of uncertainty.
I know many of us are wondering the same thing.

Love my little honeybunches
See you on FaceTime tonight!