Friday 16 May 2014


I am leaving this valley

where the heron are settling in
just for a couple of weeks.
First to Fibreworks
for a week with wonderful quilters
then to Mark and Donna
for a precious week with family.
See you in June.

Thursday 15 May 2014


Osprey are nesting on the causeway

Taking turns at keeping watch

and warming eggs

I think he spies the eagle flying by
or perhaps just me and the Rusty Pups below.

Monday 12 May 2014

Brightly Scratched

Brightly wishing for Spring!

Attended an art critique session
a blank canvas
surrounded by stitch just seemed to make sense.

Handy Hubby flew back home.

Way off in the distance I spied my first heron of the year.

Back in the studio I'm stitching black
and listening to those noisy merlin
who seem to be settling into the very same tree as last year.

Happy belated Mother's Day.

Thursday 8 May 2014


I worry about these marshy flats
Every year some more muddy banks fall away into the water

It is a rare morning
when the water is as smooth as a mirror

and the beautiful old yellow house
across the basin
shines in the morning sun.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Life on the Dike

Looking out across the marshland
wondering if there is anything worth chasing

Or perhaps I'll follow this scent along the path

A spider's rhythmic weaving

Have they had a lover's tiff?

Layer upon layer

Beneath a blue sky

and back on the path a fox waits for us.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Misty Moisty Mornings

On misty mornings

like these

there is a gentle blush on the horizon

White tree barks catch the light

I am surrounded by Gainsborough paintings

Lines of stem stitch trees lean against each other

The clouds rest in dips

and stream between the trees

Blanketing everything around.

Monday 5 May 2014

Scratching Mud


We walked the dike for the first time in ages
on a cold and windy morning.

So surprised
looking out the window to see
the two black ducks
about five hares
and four pheasants
all in close proximity to each other.

Rusty Pups chased something across the marshlands
and came back black from the waist down.

I was not a happy camper

They were as happy as pigs in mud!

 Woke up Friday to see a big skunk waddling
through the garden.
Lucky for me he scurried back into the woods
when I knocked on the window.
Later in the day went to the opening
of our renovated Annapolis Region Community Art Centre.
Instant Theatre was the entertainment that evening
at Velma's lovely home overlooking the Bay of Fundy.
Saturday I took down my show at ARCAC.
Sunday I laid low
It's been a busy week...
Walking dogs and washing dogs
in between everything else.