Friday 17 September 2021

In the Middle of the World is Getting Closer and Closer

All rolled up and ready to go off to the 
The Middle of the World.
I was overwhelmed
had to sit down and wipe away the tears.

I am reluctant to let them go.

The pieces are the colours of Nova Scotia
from dye baths of local plants and trees.

There is a piece of me in every stitch.
Each stitch a reflection of my thoughts and feelings
 in that meditative rhythm of needle passing through cloth.

I feel I can say more with needle and thread than with words

Words are so black and white...they freak me out!

Stitching is where I can be truly me.

These pieces have been close to my heart for months
years even
and I want to keep them safe at home with me.
But then I remember part of the joy of creating
is sharing the work with others.

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Birthday Celebration that Should Have Been


Happy Birthday Steven
On this day when you should have turned 49
My goodness me, that is nearly an old man!
You are loved
And missed so very much.

Monday 13 September 2021

Summer....My Favourite Time of Year

It's been a glorious Summer
A time to dye
with Madder and Cutch and Myrobalan

A time for the garden to grow out of control
Full of abundant dye material

A time for my wild child to explore the dried out stream
But not too far my dear
There is a black bear cub and his Mom around!

We have managed to maintain our new civilized flowerbed
and the dahlias are still incredible.... 
....and so huge!

Even the Rusty Pups have enjoyed the abundance of flowers

....basking in the Sun has been pure joy!

For those of you whose Summer is coming to an end
I hope it was glorious for you too.
There are some whose Summer is just beginning
and I envy you. favourite time of year.