Wednesday 19 May 2021


The woods are breathing in the warmth.
I'm breathing in the Joy that sunshine brings.

Up at the pond my beautiful magnolia
is bursting into bloom.

And Rusty Pups can now lick morning dew
from fresh young grasses growing along the pond's edge.

I'm stitching fresh air into my blue background.
Some paler blues....

....and some darker blues.

There is a lot of untamed texture on this piece.

This piece started as a challenge to use blue.... least favourite colour.
The more I stitch the more I like it!
I thought to call it
"Holding Deep Memory"
referring way, way back to my schooldays
where my dislike of blue started
but it also refers to rocky inlets on Georgian Bay
a place oh, so close to my heart.

I hope you have a place that fills your heart with memory.

Monday 17 May 2021

Warming Breath


Always thrilled when the red tulips bloom along the stream
Always thrilled when the first warm days arrive.

The only red I have in the garden
Must get more.

And of course
because I showed an interest
the Rusty Pups had to investigate.

Meanwhile back to Blue

I hope you have a sky blue day.