Monday 7 February 2022

Living in an Ice Covered World

At break of day the sky was heavy with dark, dark clouds
Except for a brave sun trying to rise above the South Mountain.

Our world has been completely icebound for two days
Branches drooping with the weight.

Everything encased

Everything bending over from the weight

Broken branches scattered on the ground

Rusty Pups were able to walk on deep ice covered snow
Not me
but I tried
and after a second each step would suddenly break the surface
and I was up to my calves in snow.
Thank goodness the driveway took my weight
and so we walked back and forth
for half an hour
then gave up
frozen fingers and toes!

Relieved to get back in the warmth
prepare breakfast 

....get down to a day's stitching on a new smaller peony piece.

Bringing colour back into a cold icy weekend.

I hope you too are all warm and safe inside.
A stormy weekend of power cuts
is no fun at all.