Monday 8 April 2019

Stitching Trees

Trees surround us
This old matriarch once was twice as tall
The Heron would perch upon the very top
surveying the garden
checking to see if the Rusty Pups were around
before dropping to the pond beneath
for a delectable fishy breakfast

She has become a totem pole designed by Woodpeckers
She stands across the pond
I admire her every day from the studio
Wondering how much longer I will have the privilege of watching
this cycle of nature.
I will miss her when she's gone.

When I ventured out early this morning
to photograph my Matriarch
I crunched across a frosty lawn
and couldn't resist photographing this little clump of frosted leaves.
But I digress!

 I am stitching trees

Big trees
Each one taking days to stitch.
That's appropriate
For it takes the real thing years to grow.

My trees are Spruce trees growing on rocks
there will be red.
Red wild holly berries that provide winter sustenance
to birds and deer.

Two of them will have succumbed to the Woodpeckers
by the time I'm finished.

I am stitching and listening for the story as it reveals itself.