Monday 29 April 2013

Stitch Scratch

Where does the time go?
At my age time is no longer on my side!
Can hardly believe April is nearly over.

Perhaps if I stitch bold orange
things might warm up around here

Didn't work!

Looking back through 16 year old sketchbooks
found this bird woman surrounded by marks.
Can't remember if I loved her then
but I love her now.

Monster on the dyke

Seven of us got together at the art centre
working on a group project.
And then on Sunday
Lo and behold the sun came out!

Saturday 27 April 2013

Dismayed Am I

The Rusty Pups and I arrived for our early morning walk
horrified to find a monster sitting atop the dyke.
It had been busy ripping out every tree, bush and blade of grass.

Black ugly mud is all that's left.
There used to be small ponds along here
and lately each pond housed a couple of black ducks.
Animals and critters would shelter in the undergrowth
as the RP's sniffed around.

I used to forage for leaves, flowers, twigs and berries
to fill my dye pots.
So sad.

But even in this ugliness I see stitch potential.

There is still some brush towards the end of our walk.
So let's talk about something happier.
You see the RP's looking back at me....
...but do you see Fox waiting for us along the path?
He stayed there until we were nearly upon him....
and then the chase was on.
You might remember that my camera is broken and I can't zoom in at all, at all.
A new, grander model has finally been chosen and ordered.
My third camera in a year!

This little fairy garden sitting atop a fence post had me scrambling down the dyke to investigate.
Wonder what tomorrow morning's walk will bring.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Weaving in Farm Country

Eagles are plentiful up the valley
and yet it is still a thrill to see one just sitting above a farmhouse.

Last week I drove up the valley again for my last weaving lesson

and beyond the farms lies the head of the Bay of Fundy

As I drove into Pia's driveway
her guinea fowl tried to stop me
They were most offended!

At lunchtime we broke to feed two babes

They grow fast.

Meanwhile in the hen house....

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Standing Tall

Still standing tall after a long windy winter

Growing on top of a dyke offers no shelter at all

Lonely sentinel

Bending Eastward towards the sunrise

A huge tree trunk newly arrived on the tides

Rose hips shrivelling in the cold

and then I noticed some shapes against the sky
looking suspiciously like buds!

Monday 22 April 2013

Thread Scratchings

It's been a cold, cold week

For Monday four blue lines and one pink
That's me and my four guys flowing through life side by side.
Woven strips for Tuesday's weaving at Pia's.

A day of making marks in the studio with Diane.

Quilt guild meeting...
They made triangles and I rummaged around for discarded scraps.

Last night the peepers gathered at the pond...
A lovely summery noise despite it still feeling like winter.

Finally, a warm wind from the South
unfortunately it came with a lot of rain.
So now we are wallowing in water.

There is other work going on

building stitches upon stitches on a discharged cotton.

Monday 15 April 2013

Lazy Scratcher!

Stitched scratchings for last week
.....a little bit late in the day
all because things are a bit slow today.

Spring has come to the pond.
lots of activity from heron, ducks, muskrats and the beaver.
My scratchings attempted to record
the disturbed water surface.

Learning tapestry weaving
and true signs of spring...
lambs in Pia's Paddock 
and her kitchen too.

The robins are back bouncing around the garden

Weaving is on my mind!

Much to my dismay Winter returned on Saturday.
On Sunday our little band of golfers and wives partied....
.....That's why I'm slow today!

Thursday 11 April 2013

Spring Munchkins!

Drove up the valley to take a tapestry weaving course
with the lovely Pia
but before we settled down we had to go and see her newborns

Two days old

Staying close to Mama

Calm and woolly mothers

Sniffing us strangers

So many textures on such a tiny thing

One little munchkin kept us company in the kitchen.
My indoors photos weren't very good
I had to show you the dog's face watching
from behind protective legs!

Tuesday 9 April 2013

A Generous Lacy Gift

A box from a friend full of beautiful linens

I'm allowed to do what I will with them

Just look at how fine and delicate some of the doilies are

All handmade I believe

Interesting designs that I haven't seen before


Beautifully made

And just look at him spinning his hoop!
Let's hope I can do them justice.