Monday 24 September 2018

A Whole Lotta Rocks and a Grateful Heart

Two days at a house on a beach
soaking up the sounds and rhythm of the waves

Walking barefoot in sand and water

 Marvelling at Mother Nature's artwork

Finding lines of stitch and....

....weathered holes

Marvelling at grey on grey textures

Discovering two rocks so different from the rest

Wondering why barnacles have started to grow on seaweed

Imagining the waves on stormy nights
carving their images on smooth rocks and ....

....pounding down to create seams and crevices

Thank you to Diane and Harold who gifted me this time
thank you to the golden who sat by my side and wanted so much to be petted.

Thank you to so many of you who loved the Rusty Pups
You raised us up with your beautiful words of sympathy.
And thank you Miranda for your beautiful rusty gifts
I will indeed wear them and think of my pups.

Friday 14 September 2018

And Now a Farewell to Rusty Pup Kayla

Our beautiful Rusty Pup Kayla
passed away surrounded by love on Thursday afternoon at 5:30.
On Wednesday we received the devastating news that her kidneys
had shut down and she only had days to live.
She has left us just four days after her sister, Shandy.
We are devastated.

Born on Halloween
we picked up our babies on Christmas Eve eleven years ago.
They were inseparable from the start.

 They were both water babies....

....especially Kayla.

Kayla was always under foot checking out what I was up to.
I soon learnt to shut the studio door to avoid chewed up threads.

There once was a ball of pearl cotton that disappeared for a whole winter.
The next spring I stumbled upon it way back in the woods
stretched like a spiders web around trees and shrubs.
An aspiring weaver perhaps.

 Kayla was a gentle and patient soul.

Like her sister, Kayla was delighted when the beaver moved into our pond.

One morning on the dyke she met a whole family of beavers
and watched them intently.

Always interested in everything.

Being taunted by the local squirrel population.

Kayla loved scratching her back
and getting belly rubs from us humans.
We did that a lot on Thursday afternoon.

Doggy toys used to last about five minutes when Kayla got involved.

 She was such a beautiful princess.

Kayla always looked out for her sister.
They were never far apart.

We all belonged together
and walked this beautiful valley for eleven years.

Oh, my precious pups
you brought us so much joy and love.
Our hearts are broken.
You will be so missed.
God bless.

Monday 10 September 2018

Farewell to Rusty Pup Shandy

Our beautiful RP Shandy passed away last night at ten o'clock.
She had aged a lot this summer
and recently had struggled to climb the stairs at bedtime.
On Sunday evening she started up but stopped a quarter way up on the landing.
Handy Hubby comforted her and prevented her going any further.
She lay down and looked up at the stairs as if to say
"but I'm supposed to be up there".
Handy Hubby stroked her and assured her everything was alright
but eventually she stretched out her legs
and peacefully passed away.

Eleven years ago on Halloween
Shandy(r) and Kayla took their first steps into this big wide world.

They did everything together.

Exploring the woods together

Playing in the snow together

and learning how to share (or not).

When it was time to come in, "it was time to come in ...  please"

Shandy(r) and Kayla did love the snow.

They had each other's backs

Where one went the other was not far behind.

Shandy was a people dog
She would rather spend time with folks than with dogs.
The one human she worshipped most was Handy Hubby....

....mostly because he was prepared to spend hours
making tennis balls sail through the air for her to catch,
while Kayla was just watching.

Shandy never asked for much....

....but if no-one was prepared to hit balls
she was known to sulk!

All of us....

 ....loved our walks

 Shandy (with tongue hanging out) could still jump
into the car until this summer,
when she joined Kayla in having to be lifted in.

Our last walk was on Friday
when she was delighted to see the beaver.

Shandy, my precious,
you filled our lives with fun and laughter and love.
We were so lucky to have you.

Kayla(r) is wondering where you are.
God bless.