2012 Scratchings

The beginnings January 1 through 3

January complete.

Posted February 19, 2012
Posted February 28, 2012

Posted March 3, 2012

Posted March 11, 2012

The backside

Housed in Katherine's lovely wicker case
Posted April 2, 2012

Posted April 16, 2012
My dye pots are a favourite

A red letter day when Harry brought a girlfriend to the pond
Posted April 23, 2012
Love those baskets

Posted April 29, 2012
Posted May 6, 2012
Posted May 13, 2012

 Posted May, 18, 2012

Posted May 27, 2012
June 17, 2012
June 24, 2012

July 1, 2012

A favourite
Week ending July 7, 2012
July 12, 2012
Week ending July 29
Week ending august 12, 2012
Week ending august 19, 2012

Week ending August 26, 2012

Loved the whales that week.

Week ending September 2, 2012
Week ending September 9, 2012
A wonderful week September 30, 2012
October 7th
Week ending October 21...One of my favourite weeks
scratching wise
This year so far
Love that cardinal
One of my favourite stitchings with hurricane Sandy coming up the coast
Week ending November 11, 2012
Week ending November 18, 2012
Week ending November 25, 2012

First snow

Week ending December 2, 2012

Week ending December 9, 2012

Week ending December 16, 2012

July 1, 2012 to December 23, 2012

Christmas Week

The year complete

2012 in Scratchings


  1. I like that your scratchings are all in one spot for reference. I love these and find them very inspiring.

  2. what a beautiful scratchings-journal and an ambitious undertaking! inspiring indeed

  3. Met you at the Fibre Arts Retreat, we were almost sitting side by side. I was enthralled with your stitched journal. I attended Quilt Canada and was humbled by the beautiful quilts. I was able to take a class with Anna Hergert, Kantha Quilting, another form of hand stitching. I look forward to following your work now that I know how you are. Hadn't got beyond the name Penny, until yesterday. Glad I found you.

  4. This is absolutely spectacular, Penny. So diligent, so inspiring, so lovely.
    Well, well done!

  5. What a wonderful record of your year. Really beautiful!

  6. I love this idea, and seeing your work is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your talent and your needlework.

  7. This looks such fun ! What a lovely idea. I want to do one now :-)

  8. My favorite part is how you have used the fabric starting with a very lite background and moving toward a darker background for the holdiay/winter time. Very cool!

    1. Actually that is just coincidence! I usually just make a strip of whatever fabric speaks to me at the time.

    2. LOL-the cloth was speaking to you to create the lovely ombre looking cloth at the end!

  9. I have just found your blog through Pinterest, and I am just stunned at your talent and skill....your stitching is simply wonderful, and your year in stitches has left me quite speechless.....what a beautiful piece of work, so inspiring....

    So glad I found you

  10. I really enjoy the beauty of your designs. As I am just embarking on a journal year and have not done this before, could you please tell me how to start. Do you use to 2 layers of very long strips or add sometimes as you go along? Any particular types of fabrics work best? Thank you for your inspiration.

  11. Your scratchings, creativity and stitching are absolutely wonderful. What a fabulous piece you have created.

  12. Wonderful! I loved seeing these and especially since I've been doing a daily tapestry practice since 2008 (for one month then)--and throughout the year since 2009. I wrote about the 2015 one when I cut it from the loom at the end of December; here's my blog post about that: http://tapestry13.blogspot.com/2016/01/how-long-did-it-take-you-to-do-that.html

    I love the thought of doing a small devotion to practice daily... even in the midst of doing other time consuming works.

    Thank you for sharing about your beautiful work.

  13. Un journal original à l'écriture bien particulière. J'admire. Merci

  14. Magnifique ... j'aime beaucoup ce travail, et j'aimerais bien en réaliser un jour !!!

  15. I am happy that you also show us the backside.

  16. Wow! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Pinterest suggested that I might like this post, and boy do I! I don't know if you've continued this since your original one(s), but I think it's a fabulous idea and really beautiful work. I'm so glad you shared it and so glad you've kept it out there for us to see. Thank you for the beauty and inspiration.

  18. What a wonderful piece. And such an inspiration to me this morning. Thanks.

  19. A beautiful stitched journal in a roll. I’m so pleased I found this on Pinterest 😻

  20. Hello Penny!

    Warm greetings from autumnal Cape Town, South Africa!
    I ab-so-lute-ly LOOOOOVE your embroidered scrolls. Pray please do tell - how do you cover the back of the stitching, or don't you??? Eagerly awaiting your reply - at your convenience, of course. Best wishes,Toody


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