Wednesday, 1 December 2010

On Porcupines and Pincushions

These two black noses met a porcupine in the woods this weekend.
Quills flew everywhere and stuck into noses and even inside mouths.
Their trusty master managed to remove the quills from one rusty pup;
but the other needed more professional help. 
Jodi our vet gave up her Saturday afternoon to remove the prickly things from the more serious case.
We always say our pups 'live in the moment'; but let's hope they remember this!

Talking of prickly things..some tools of my trade...pincushions.

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  1. Poor babies!!

    I could show you photos of a couple of my pincushions, but probably not the one I actually work with. It's ratty!!

  2. happy your pups are ok. wonderful pincushions. i love having lots of them so they are in every room.

  3. They look no worse for wear. Curiosity can lead to trouble. I'm glad they are fine now. My Pomeranians only met with skunks - pure, awful odour but we learned to keep some tomato juice handy. (they never learned)

  4. Oh poor little guys! We rescued a puppy about 10 years ago that had been decimated by a porcupine. It actually took three trips to the vet to get them all out. Soon after he was well and on the mend we found the owners. He had traveled 20 miles from where they were camping. It was the 4th of July holiday and the fireworks and noise frightened him and he ran off. Then got into a lot of trouble. They reimbursed us for the vet bills and were very grateful for what we had done. We get cards with pictures in them from time to time. Expecting another one this Christmas!!

    ;~) Debi

  5. Poor pups, how awful for them. Do those quills actually fly out like darts? when Charlie has met up with an echidna it's not dramatic like that, the quills all stay in place and act like an armour. k.

  6. Oh the poor rusty pups!! Owwwie. Please give them extra hugs from me and tell them to stay far far away from those nasty porkers.

  7. Now I'm worried they'll meet a skunk one day soon!


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