Tuesday 9 November 2010

Rain Soaked

Wet deck.....
Wet grass....
Dripping tree......
Rain watcher on the front porch and squirrel watcher in the distance.
Today is day six of rain.
We are soaking.
There must be many a leaky roof and damp basement.
Our bridge across the stream nearly got swept away.
The talking heads on TV talk of rainfall records being broken,
Bursting rivers and flooded homes
Washed out roads
A dam in danger of bursting and evacuation of a village.
And the search for a young man swept into the sea.
May he be found safe and sound.
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  1. Now I'm nostalgic! It reminds me of fall/winter in Vancouver, B.C. I guess it's a coastal type of thing! The good news, is that it's good for stitching and creativity. No outside distractions, except perhaps the wet pups.

  2. Its that darn el nina or La Nina, which ever it is THIS year. We are 6" short on rainfall in Northern Indiana. The only good thing is that when the leaves fell, there was a burning ban which is good for us since we live next door to a firebug and Terry has COPD. I hope your rain stops. One extreme is just as bad as the other.

    BTW, love your porch. We have a long deck on the front of the house that we talk about covering. I would love it, except we put patio doors in for more light and it would defeat that.

  3. gee, and i thought we were getting rain.

  4. Oh my - time for a dry out! Hope the sun bursts through soon and the water goes down! A little bit too much of a good thing.

  5. send some my way...we need rain here in austin,TX.

  6. That looks and sounds scary - I do hope it soon stops! The elements can be pretty darned awe-some sometimes.

  7. ...and still the rain beats down upon the rain.
    tragedy for some,
    may it ease off soon and yes,
    may the young man soon be found,
    clinging to a floating log.

  8. Yikes... hope its calmed down and that they found the missing man! Weather is humbling.

  9. Yes, we've been getting our fair share of soaking rain here too. It's supposed to be wetter and colder than usual this winter. I think I'll be wearing my waterproof boots a lot this year!

    ;~) Debi


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