Sunday 17 September 2023

Hunkering Down for Tropical Storm Lee

Over the summer I've been creating my own cyclone in the studio.

So with the arrival of Tropical Storm Lee 
I took it as a hint to tidy up.
Of course that didn't last long.

Funny how picking up a piece of cloth
brings to a halt any clean-up.
So off I went creating very small 5" squares.
Tough going that small for me
and I have to make 9 of them.

So on Sunday at the tail end of the storm
The studio was still a mess
I have 9 pieces nearly done.
Still liable to change
of course.

Rusty Pups snuggled and snoozed to pass the storm away.

And even as the evening lights came on
They still slept.

Despite Lee making land quite close to us
and the eye of the storm even closer....
We were lucky 
No power cuts
No downed trees
Not too much flooding.