Wednesday 21 December 2011

Will There be Time for Stitching on this the Shortest Day

Yuletide blessings to you all.
It seems strange that Winter has hardly shown his face
and now the days will start getting longer.
But I like it!

In between making lists and checking them twice
and in between shopping expeditions and holiday festivities
there are a few moments each day
for a wee bit of stitching.
As stitches build there is time to ponder
and thoughts often turn to wondering if the stitches are becoming a bit too repetitive,
so a couple of feather stitch rays suddenly appear.
Unfortunately they really don't belong
and so some unpicking will be done
some time soon!


  1. your stitching is always so beautiful. gorgeous variegated threads.

  2. happy shortest with longer to come. your stitching color and cloth color are so balanced, so perfect. no matter the light your canvas glows. (i hate unpicking - takes longer then the stitching!) but do i spy a wee bit of button hole/blanket? i love that stitch - once i get going.

  3. there should ALWAYS be time for stitching!'s SO good for the soul :-)

    The feather stitches are really they have to come out?

  4. looks like there WAS time for stitching ! Well done! I have, alas , not done anything creative today . I am always ecstatic to see the shortest day whereas, my husband rejoices on 21 June because he knows the snow is coming. funny man!! Happy Christmas to you and yours Penny. A very happy, creative and peaceful New Year too.

  5. Clearly there was time to stitch and it's going well!

  6. the feather stitches look like a rainbow bird has just walked thru.
    shortest day? no, longest day here and we've hardly had any Summer yet either. rain and storms all week.

  7. i like the unpredictable feathers...

  8. In the midst of all the holiday chaos - stitching is always a good remedy. Time to just put needle to thread, quietly and precisely - sort of brings our lives back to order.

  9. Love the colors here...such beautiful stitching :)

  10. I agree - it doesn't seem possible that the longest night has passed and we're now back on the upward path towards longer days. A wonderful festive time to you and yours, and thank you for your glorious stitches throughout the year.

  11. Unstitching? Tell me it isn't so! Have a very happy Christmas.

  12. a lovely post. Your thread is amazing - what is it?


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