Tuesday 6 December 2011

Brewing dyes and Simmering Thoughts

Colours brewing in dye pots
Wrapping cloth with seaweed, shells, leaves and bark.
Creating colour with what grows locally
connects me and my work closer to this land.
I like that thought
My goal is always to express my reaction to these precious surroundings.

Brewing time allows time to think.
Thinking of this year as it comes to an end.
Thinking of this year's work
and wondering if it expresses what I wanted it to say.

Am I focused enough?
Perhaps setting a narrow focus or design element could
improve my work
make my voice clearer.

I'm working through thoughts like this as I tend my simmering pots!

One thing I know for sure
my favourite part of bundle dyeing
is the bundles themselves
and I plan to create a body of work based on simple bundles.


  1. yes bundles, they hold so many thoughts, ideas, memories. I've made a few bundles, they are magical.

  2. if I scrolled down in your blog for a couple of older entries I noticed you incorperate all new things your own way and I like that a lot.
    You have a very strong handwriting in your art....i picture the bundles in your work ..what a nice thouthgt
    all future presents in one work..

    love love love

  3. I will be looking forward to seeing the fabrics once you open the bundles. I may try this myself.

  4. Hmm, yes, enough focus but not too much concentration, lest your work become constrained. I think you have a very clear style of your own!

  5. HA! I have also loved the bundles themselves... in fact, in graduate school I made a body of work about wrapping. I wrapped herbs and sticks and fabric and when I first saw India's dye bundles, I thought they were sculptures, and very much like my graduate school ones. I, too, have been thinking about making some more wrapped bundles, I love the way the string "draws" the contour's form. Look forward to seeing what you do. I won't be doing anything for quite a while - waiting for the final surge of studio building to finish and then paint, move in, set up, THEN start!
    Happy December creating.

  6. yes, the bundles themselves. they are intriguing, aren't they. that's a great idea to create a piece based on bundles. can't wait to see what you do with that idea.

  7. The bundles have always looked to me like some ancient mummies, hiding - holding treasures inside. waiting is another test...for thinking or forgetting. love that you just throw stuff in the pot, or is there a recipe or chance. did you wrap anything inside or is it just the cloth itself. speaking of alchemy - what more potent magic. judy martin did a similar post about how dyeing brings her close to her element/environment not too long ago and I know Jude something like that in response to the storm mid-year...the magic of cloth, the wearing of the season. echoing everyone...waiting for the big reveal.

  8. yes. ancient mummies. sometimes you see things that look familiar in some way but you can't put your finger on it. and...mummies is what they look like. thank you henrietta.

  9. wrapping is an important practice, akin perhaps to spinning or twining. (i say that because of the physicality of it)

  10. These bundles look inviting...it may be hard to wait, eh? What is the circle on top of the one bundle? I like what Henrietta said of placing ? inside the bundle. Mmmm...

  11. Always so much good work going on over here, Penny...oh my, these bundles! Don't they promise to reveal some inspiring marks?!

    Many thanks for your kind comments over at my place, much appreciated :>]]


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