Tuesday 13 December 2011

Muddy Paws and Sunny Rusted Beginnings

Muddy paws underfoot.

Rusty cotton on the wall.

A strip of rusted cotton pinned alongside my rosy rust
simply looked like it belonged.
Brought to mind the sun shining on silver birch or perhaps copper birch.

When you know what to do you simply have to do it!
Started stitching bark like textures
because I didn't yet know how to handle the sun
but as I stitched....

thoughts of sun symbols and sun discs popped in my head.
Things often sort themselves out or become clearer
as you work on them.


  1. it makes me think of Picasso's...don't search you'll find.


  2. Oooooooo!

    .....lovely rusts....

    ...and those sun-discs are happening here too :-))

  3. Yvette...so true. Wish I could get the same results he did.

    Chris..perhaps our work on sun discs is because the sun is weakening more and more as winter sets in.

  4. living on the prairie as i do, i see a crop circle: ours are snow laden and sleeping

  5. When we had our rusty pup a bucket of warm water quickly washed off those muddy feet and a quick towel dry. He became so used to it that when i sat the bucket down he would just put his foot in the bucket like 'come on lady lets hurry this up its cold out here.' LOL!

  6. Don't you just love how the piece usually tells us what to do next?!?

  7. Absolutely. That's why, when I'm stuck I try to make sure I'm stuck on the next-bit-but-one, then I can think about it as I stitch the bit I know about!

  8. penny, you will laugh, but when I first saw the muddy paws - I thought paw bundles. eco dyeing the pup...I've had muddy paws too and what a treat it is. lucky they are so good natured no fussing is necessary. I'm really attracted to the "bark" stitching. I can't tell if you are couching fabric or just your stitches. beautiful. would love to be snowed in for a time and just enjoy the imagination and stitching and dreaming. tis that season.

  9. Juhani Pallassma wrote a book about things becoming clearer as you work on them with your hands.

    The Thinking Hand.

  10. What a wonderfully creative post! I love your bark stitching and the sun drawings. Seeing those I wanted to take up needle and thread and stitch them myself!

  11. Those paws should come with a warning. :) Love the making...

  12. Just like silver birch... The circular designs are great.

  13. Now if I happened to have such wonderfully muddy paws available I think I would be tempted to use them to stamp on fabric. Just think of the designs you could make!

  14. The velvety paws are so cute. Your stitching looks like my yard today. High spots with snow and low spots with dark colored dirt. Beautiful! The suns are fantastic and makes me long for spring.

  15. I love the sun circles - like Newgrange spirals - and your stitching on the rusty fabric is wonderful.

    I think the meditative act of stitching frees up our subconscious to solve problems. It's a technique I use when writing as well and it never fails.


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