Monday 12 December 2011

Unbundling and some Wall Pinnings

A shibori bundle released from those tightly pulled stitches.

as usual silk velvet soaked up colour
the rough texture of silk noil absorbed yellows and burgundies.

My giant washers created a pair of owl eyes.

A stained crochet heirloom is now a delicious cool brown.

Colours undulating and encircling each other on the silk noil.

At the moment early mornings are spent pinning bits and pieces on the wall.
I aim to get going on a few pieces at once.

It's always a surprise when commercial prints look at home beside natural dyes.

Little bird spent quite some time clinging to the side of my home
a stitched house surely belongs somewhere.
It wasn't night-time perhaps the star doesn't belong. 
I'm also thinking of a border of stitched prehistoric bird symbols.
We shall see
Still playing
allowing the idea to become clearer.

Another piece on the wall.
My favourite at the moment.
Animal tracks perhaps.
Not complicated


  1. Yummy pieces of cloth...

    ...just waiting for stitches to fly into them :-)

  2. I can't believe all the beautiful colors that came to play!

  3. Beautiful fabrics, and I love the little bird!

  4. Fabulous stuff, they are just mesmerising and that wee bird is so beautiful. That final cloth, your favourite, reminds me of bones, perhaps a spine? Amazing.

  5. such beautiful cloth and markings. that bird is perfect where you placed it.

  6. You got some beautiful results. What an inspiration these are going to be.

  7. Wow, I am so impressed with this work. Just wonderful to see this beauty become even more so.

  8. so much to look at here, so much to feel. one could gaze and gaze. the ruffles, the eyes, the feeling of warmth texture the gentleness of the bird the irony of earth and fill me with richness. I have to come back later and breath in some more of your sharing. really a pleasure to stop by. the little bird really has a special little tune and you've heard it well.

  9. These are stunning, Penny. I LOVE silk noil all by itself, but naturally dyed is gorgeous. I especially like the way the nubs react to the dyes. That little chickadee clings to our brick wall and hides sunflower seeds inspots where our mortat has crumbled! Same fello, I am sure ;-)

  10. Loving all of this. The washer eyes look like two eggs on toast to me :)
    And that bottom piece is wonderful. I see a primate-like face in the upper right corner!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the owl eyes and your little embroidered bird is so wonderful. As much as I find stitch resist tiring, I love the results. Beautiful, beautiful cloth.

  12. Glad you all like the amazing work of Mother Nature! All I did was turn on the heat.

    Never seen a chickadee stuffing seed in mortar rt!

    Yes, I see a creature there too Nancy .
    Jeannie...that stitch resist is a messy business for me...hat all those thread tails.

  13. I'm not surprised that last piece is a favourite. Subtle variations and interesting shapes..

  14. Mmm, yes, animal tracks in shadowed snow.


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