Friday 16 December 2011

Harry the Heron

We have a daily visitor who really should have flown south by now.

He stands around looking just like a knock-kneed professor in shirt tails.

He could be here because of the fish in the pond
but there again he might fancy my rusty guardian of the veggie patch.

He blends in so well that sometimes I don't know he's there
but of course the rusty pups do
and when I let them out
there is a mad barking rush towards the pond
and a graceful flapping of wings
and off he goes.

But he's not really scared because he'll be back in ten minutes!
Love this photo of him and his neck
leaning in the same direction as wintry grey tree trunks.


  1. You know. . .I really thought, at first, that these were quilt art. These look so like your work. I can see how your world surroundings really is expressed in every thing you do.

  2. I have only seen one up close a few times. They sneak to our pond once in a while which terrifies Terry and his prize Koi!
    Merry Christmas.

  3. ...and don't they make a wonderful honking sound!!

    Lovely photos...

  4. He's really beautiful - how lucky you are to have him visit every day!

  5. I can really imagine the most beautiful stitchery from these photo's - especially the last one.

  6. oh how elegant he looks in that last image.

  7. I could swear he's got a grin on his face!

  8. Penny, these are spectacular. I was surprised on my walk a couple of days ago to see one flapping across the sky from the swampy area below where we live. Surely they should be well south by now but the ponds are not frozen and I just returned from another walk wearing only my coat -no gloves or hat or scarf so maybe the herons are not worried about the cold this year either. I hope we do not all get surprised!
    Beautiful photos and definitely fodder for the art studio!

  9. will he survive if he doesn't go south. hope he'll be okay

  10. My dawgs do the very same thing and the visiting heron here does the very same thing!
    And I too, thought this was an art quilt ;>}

  11. I love the heron. We have four or so that hang out here. I love to watch them and they are so graceful when they fly. Your yard art is pretty wonderful too!

  12. your photos do look like your needlework - or is that the other way around? I like them both.

  13. He is fabulous - so much attitude!


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